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VYWAMUS MYSTERY SCHOOL Teaching #2 via Kevin Nelson, June 15, 2015


Channeled through Kevin Nelson


June 15, 2015

Linear frequencies now are dissipating as we access a new timeline. The shift has already taken place children as you walked through the door.

Yes I am VYWAMUS. I am here child. I am here for the master is here with your masters. For each of you has brought a new master with you today whether you are aware of it or not. The new master has stepped in to you for you have accessed your new master through all timelines and lineages that were not able to be affected or attainable to you until again these eclipses have changed and the new energies since the 12/21/12 have begun your physical process in to a new physical human, a human of light, a human of ascended frequencies. Diamond code frequencies are also being gifted to these children now through the DNA strands as the rainbow bridge of each child was fully implemented during the last teaching.

Yes there is one here that the rainbow is still working on.


These are how we connect with you in different dimensions children. Your multi-dimensional self is being activated in the work you do with this child but also your dream states and your conscious state are also aware of new dimensions. Each of you will begin to walk in the 5th dimension as this child had mentioned.

You will notice different people around you. Different words, different family relational structures will begin to manifest in to an either perfect or clearer relationship or it will go the opposite way.

So just be aware that what you do here tonight will resonate from within then from without in to your sphere of influence around you. For as you vibrate at a higher frequency today you will take this frequency for yes you cannot move lower than that frequency that we are tapping in to today children.

Your human brain says that I cannot stay at that level but you do at a certain point stay at that level even though it might not be conscious to you yet.

This super conscious level that we are going to access and give the teaching from today is another aspect from the 9th dimensional frequencies for that is where we can sit quite comfortably with you even though the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions are able to be open to you.

Right now this child is able to access the 9th dimension quite easily and stay at that frequency where some of you vibrate at a 6th and 7th dimensional energy that you are now quite able to attain and yet the 9th to the 12th are for you there but we will be working within 9th dimensional frequencies tonight as we talk through and speak with this child.

So again we access the portals.

We ask you to open up your 7th dimensional portal and also the 9th dimensional portal for each of you.

We ask the masters that stand in front of you to also work with these dimensions for each of you has a master in front of you that is walking in to you now.


So ask the master to enter in to you through the 9th dimensional portal children.

Know that all is safe to do so. This does not harm your physicalness in anyway. We are working at a higher structure than your physicality. We are bypassing your physical structure even though your etheric structure is now able to contain this dimensional frequency.

Your pineal gland and pituitary gland are also being activated. That was the 3rd dimensional 3rd eye that was being activated as you sat here. We were readjusting timelines and frequencies within the 3rd eyes for each of you. It is so these teachings will be very clear to you at that level.


What is it that the teacher wishes to speak of children? Why are we here you ask? What is the teaching? And yet each of you has brought a master for their own teaching tonight. Each of you will be working with this master integrating in to your physicalness for the master is you child. Each of you is the master. The high consciousness and as we say the soul has been asked to re-enter your physical structures. This is the master from the 9th dimension that walked in to each child here.

Each child will now work within their new reality for a new reality is upon you children. A new reality of 5th dimensional frequencies as Mother Earth has now moved her frequency to the new level and she is asking now that you do as well for the more that begin to walk on her in a 5th dimensional reality will bring that reality very quickly to all kingdoms upon Mother Earth.

The kingdoms are shifting as the fire and water are working to shift out of the 3rd dimension. We are going to ask to release all from the 3rd dimensional reality now children.

Even though your footprints may feel that they are on a 3rd dimensional earth we ask that you now place them on the 5th dimensional earth children.

See yourself walking in the garden of Eden. This will help you understand where you are and where you are going for the garden of Eden is now being accessed from all kingdoms as Mother Earth will return to the garden of Eden once more.

Each of you is being asked to walk in the garden of Eden now children. So as you ask to walk with this master who is you, you now ask the master that you are to walk in a 5th dimensional earth, on the new earth, fully disconnected from the 3rd dimension.

See yourself walking in the garden children. See yourself vibrating at that level and higher for once you step in to that 5th dimension you are now able to access, as the child said, many dimensional frequencies. So you will one place one moment and one place the next, and one place the next, and one place the next. For this is how you will begin to work in a 5th dimension or higher. For the frequencies are quickening for you children.

Know that as each of you walks now in the 5th dimension more and more and becomes more comfortable with your multi-dimensional self each of you will begin to access a 5th dimensional reality.

Which is WHAT you ask?

5th dimension is where again you think it and it is. You see it and it is. You feel it and it is. For you are able to create at that level once you are there fully and once all of humanity has shifted.

How long is the timeline you ask?

The timeline is changing children. Was it 300 years, was it 30 years, was it 3 days, was it 3 months, was it 3 weeks?

It depends on how quickly each of you begins to resonate at this level but you are here are you not so you are resonating at this level. But your humanness still does not agree that we might be here instead of back there and yet we are here.

Are we not? Are we not all in a 5th dimensional bubble that was placed around you?

Each of you is aware that the shifts that are changing and yet there are parts of you that still wish to reside in the 3rd dimension. And we say this cannot be children for you have asked to be here at some level that at a soul level you have asked to move quickly in to the new earth and this is what we are asking to achieve today children.

Disconnect fully from all that is 3rd dimensional thinking. Third dimensional aspects of who you were will leave you quickly. They will no longer be needed for you to survive and access at another level.

But do not be afraid to move in to the next level.

Yes there are those that will come with you as these children here in this room will and there are some that do not wish to leave behind a 3rd dimension for they are not ready to move.

That is their journey children. It is not your journey. They will see you at another time if they do not choose to walk with you in this 5th dimension but we ask that you now realease all 3D thinking, all 3D perception. We ask to be released from now children.

Bring all that of you are in to a 5th dimensional reality.

If it is not 5th dimension let it go children. Let it be released. It no longer serves you. It no longer serves the master that you are.

All death, disease must be released child.

You have moved through the death process. Each of you, if you have not noticed, for your physicalness will not need to decay any longer. This is part of the solstice teaching that will be brought forward next week.

For the death code will be removed from all humanity very quickly for those that wish to ascend in to the 5th dimension with Mother Earth.


Death does not happen physically any longer in this dimension children.

For these bodies were not meant, at least not in a 5th dimension, to decay, to be destroyed. They were meant to be here as physical perfect specimens.

Each of you are in this dimension. So we ask that you see yourself in this new timeline.

We ask you to place the mirror of 5th dimension in front of you children. Look in to the mirror that is 5th dimension. See who you are in this reality. See the perfect divine blueprint that you are.

Are we not beautiful in all ways?

Do not hold attachements children. Physical karma cannot be brought with you child.

Look to the new you. Look at the physical specimen that you are in that dimension.

For it is does not look like this in 3D reality.

It is your perfect self that wishes to speak with you now. To each cell. To each organ. To each blood vessel. To each hair upon your physical body is perfect, is vibrating. There is no decay. There is no cancer. There is no leukemia. There is no discordant energies anywhere within your new physical structure.

See who you are. You are perfect children. You are perfect children. You are perfect children.

See. Feel that body now child. Feel who you are. Everything is working freely again.

There is no pain. There is no effort. There is no disease and we ask that you remember who you are children.

This is your reality.

No longer are you able to access the illusion of the 3rd dimension. It was an illusion child.

It was not meant to be that you left the 5th dimension. The sons of belial are the down fall that was Atlantis and your physicalness was not aware that they would impact you so heavily.

We ask you to now release the Atlantean codes that took you from this reality.

We ask each of you as a high priest or high priestess of the Melchizedeck brotherhood and sisterhood to come back to yourself in your 5th dimemsional reality.

Each of you was a high priest/priestess in the Melchizedeck brotherhood and sisterhood.

You saw what happened in Altantis and you are there now to recreate the miscreation.

See when you fell. See how far you fell child. It was not meant to be!

See how far you fell from your perfect physical creations and release the Atlantean codes fully and completely from all timelines, all lineages, all space, all dimensions. Do this children for it benefits you now to come back to your perfect physical specimen.

Each of you must ask for yourself first to release all Atlantean codes of discordant frequencies.

Ask to release on behalf of the Melchizedeck brotherhood and sisterhood.

Release the Atlantean codes. Release the Atlantean timeline. Release from the fall children.


Yes you fell child. Far too far.

Come back up the ladder, up the rainbow bridge where you sit now in the 5th dimension.

It is an easy climb now child. For all that was is now released from your beingness.

Climb the rainbow ladder once more children.

Come back. We are here. We are here. We are here.

Return children. Return to this point. Return to this point of knowing of who you truly are. Come back. We are here child. We are here. We are here.

We are here child. We are here.

We are here children. Return here now. Return here now. Return here.

Come back. Come back. Come back.

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