Saint Germain via Natalie Glasson, July 24

Natalie Glasson ~ Creating the New Divine Human and Erasing Traces of Fear by Saint Germain and Serapis Bey

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 24th July 2015- Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
It is with the vibration of clarity we greet you, bringing forth clarity to your mental body and entire being. We come forth with great volumes of supreme light to be anchored into your being and creation, please allow yourself to be receptive to our presence and energy.
Clarity is a quality being expressed by the Creator and distributed through us, Saint Germain and Serapis Bey; its purpose is to bring focus and balance to your entire being thus creating peace and harmony within. From such a state, abilities of contemplating expansion and existence beyond the Earth can be more fully obtained. One is able to contemplate beyond illusion, accepting both the truth of the Creator and misconception to form an aligned and truthful awareness to be anchored into the Era of Love. No longer can illusions or misconceptions be tolerated within your being or reality, instead they are required to be accepted without reaction and lovingly discarded when necessary.  It is your reactions and responses to illusions and misconceptions which the vibration of clarity wishes to lessen and dissolve within you, thus false impressions will become amusing with very little hold or influen ce upon you.

We invite you in the coming days and for as long as you wish to call upon us, Saint Germain and Serapis Bey, to anchor the vibration of clarity we are distributing from the Creator. Let yourself often feel aglow with clarity as if the light vibration of clarity is pulsating throughout your entire being. This will allow many alignments which are necessary within your mental body to take place encouraging a greater divine awareness and perspective.
‘Saint Germain and Serapis Bey, please be present with me now to support the expansion of my awareness, perspectives and mental body manifesting a greater alignment with and understanding of the truth of the Creator. Please emanate the quality of clarity from the Creator through your being into my entire being, on all levels, and my reality. I wished to be bathed in the supreme vibrations of clarity in order to bring peace, harmony and balance to my being as I absorb the light with focus, dedication and acceptance. May my entire being fill with the vibration of clarity so I am glowing emanating beautiful qualities such as clearness, precision, simplicity and truthfulness. My entire being absorbs the clarity of the Creator so I may exist as an example of the Creator’s clarity upon the Earth. With the presence of clarity I will be able to acknowledge the truth of the Creator and my soul the refore dissolving dramatic reactions and responses to false impressions. It is with greater understanding, truth, acceptance, balance, peace and harmony that I move through my spiritual ascension journey upon the Earth. I am now open to receive and awaken truth within my being. Thank you.’
Take as long as feels appropriate to align yourself with and receive the light we are distributing. Let yourself enjoy this beautiful transition of truth and release of illusion within your being, it is truly a transformation within which will cause a transformation within your reality.
We, Saint Germain and Serapis Bey, are both figures of transformation. Serapis Bey is able to work especially with the mental body and the connection of the mental body to all aspects of your being to promote transformation. Saint Germain  is able to work more at a soul level to create transformation as an energy vibration or wave which is distributed throughout the entire body, being and reality from your source of truth; your soul. It is because of our powerful abilities that the Creator has invited us to be present with you, as we represent the shifts taking place within all of humanity and the Earth, even within the universe of the Creator to manifest the Era of Love more fully and absolutely. The Era of Love is a creation, reality and experience from the abundant source of love within your being. In order to manifest the Era of Love there is a need for you to move through numerous transform ations within you which essentially dissolve illusions, limitations and boundaries which form from your creations. As illusions, limitations and boundaries are dissolved so space is born within you as well as truthful alignments with the Creator; a process of self or more truthfully divine self-acceptance and realisation occurs. Each time you reach a point of accepting a new aspect of your divine self within you this creates a reaction which to you is experienced as a transformation or a moment of inspiration. Transformation is when old energies are completely erased and new energies from the core and essence of your being are born. Observing the birth of energy within you and inviting this energy to fully manifest within your entire being allows you to move to a new stage and state of being which triggers the next necessary transformation to take place.
Within each person upon the Earth especially those who are spiritually conscious and aware there are two pathways of transformation which are predominantly taking place. The first is within the mental body and the connection of the mental body to all aspects of your being, the second born from the soul and the soul’s fuller integration and embodiment within the physical body and reality. You may recognise this taking place already within your being. The first means that all thoughts of false illusion or expression are being eradicated; the mental body is being transformed in order to hold and express higher frequency of light therefore a divine consciousness. Through this process fear is erased not only within the mind and mental body, within your entire being as the transformation influences everything connected to your mental body. The second signifies that the entire structure and way that t he body, mental body, emotional body and all aspects of your being exist and work is altering. All structures of your body are changing; your body is not the same as it was ten years ago and will be completely different in ten years time. This is not the ageing process we are speaking of, more so the renewal and rejuvenation process; the manifestation of the divine body, mind and emotions upon the Earth. Both processes are transformations in themselves and transformational for you and the Earth. Some of the positive effects of the two transformations are greater health, wellbeing, strength and luminosity within the physical body. Balance, love and peace within the emotional body and clarity, expansion and the eradication of fear within the mental body. Some of the seemingly negative effects or more appropriately healing effects could be the rising of anxiety, the ego, limitations, insecurity, unworthiness, lack, separation, pain and so forth from within the physical, emotion al and mental bodies. In truth these can all be placed under one label, fear as fear manifests in numerous ways and forms from within.
Many times we have guided energy to anchor into the Earth and humanity to dissolve fear; still we will continue to do so. This is not because humanity and the Earth are not healing or growing, it is simply due to the numerous grounding level of fear. When a fear is created or accepted from another its energy and influence seeps into all levels of your being. It is not only found in your emotional body or your mental body, it is present within all levels and bodies of your being, this is why it can often take time to heal and erase a fear. With this knowledge, we wish to encourage you when you come across a fear or are healing a fear, invite us, Saint Germain and Serapis Bey, to erase the fear with our light of clarity from all levels and bodies of your being. This means that all residue traces of fear will be erased.
Many of you at this time have freed yourself from the majority of fears held within your being, and yet you may feel that they still rise up or manifest within your reality. We wish to encourage you to take time to heal the traces of fear within all levels and bodies of your being; it is akin to pulling up the final roots of a weed. You will also be erasing your connection with the energy of fear and even the concept of fears being a part of your reality. Fear is only a part of your being and reality because you accept this as a concept which you are willing to entertain. Simply make a request:
‘Saint Germain and Serapis Bey, please bring forth your powerful healing energies and the clarity of the Creator you are distributing. I invite you to penetrate my entire being with your light and healing vibrations with the purpose of erasing any and all traces of fear from all levels and bodies of my being. Please begin this process now ensuring balance, peace and harmony is retained within all aspects of my being. Thank you.’
Lie down to experience our healing, be conscious of any fears or insights coming up to be erased eternally. If this occurs simply use the words, ‘I let you go,’ and exhale deeply.
Fear is one of the most powerful energies of causing a sensation of separation with your truth and the Creator. It is time for all to focus more fully on erasing the traces of fear to experience two forms of transformation, within the mind and from the soul within the entire being.
We are present to support and assist always,
Mahachohan Saint Germain and Master Serapis Bey


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