Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Ray Dawn, September 24




Hello to all of you beautiful beings! It is I, Saint Germain, here to speak to each of you and to allow being-ship within each of your dear hearts!

Dear Ones, now is the time, yes, always it is now and even more so, now is truly the time to awaken your hearts fullest embrace of being a human upon this sphere!

To be truly human is the task at hand! You may ask, what does it mean to truly be a human being? Well dearest person upon your beloved sphere, to be truly human is to be your living essence in form! Yes, each of you is a living essence that is in material form upon this earth at this time in this stratosphere, circling around the sun at a certain frequency!

The frequency you are in is of course going through a major upgrade, a revolution of being, and a renaissance of delight! Yes, it can truly be a delight as you let go and allow who you really are!

We shall forever come back to this question.. Who are you?

A being- who is delighting in matter, who can become self-aware and can allow their own fulfillment, appreciation and love of self!

We would say to each of you, love of self is key, is the way thru this time of the transformation of matter, as it is at hand dear ones. Yes it is!

You each feel this deeply, have waited so long, and yet we hear you complaining of all that is in degradation, of all that is falling away.. Would you have it any other way? Yes all the worlds a stage, can you play your part? Can you be a willing participant? Can you let go of the dirt in the others eyes and focus on the board within your own?

We get a bit stern here as each of you have work to do on your own wellbeing, that is the way forward and the task at hand.. Look not upon the outside, rather look within and awaken to your own destiny, to your divine power to yourself as creator gods! Open your eyes to see!!

As you do dear one you will come to know who you are and take your rightful place! You are divine beings in form, playing the game here.. The game is changing now; swiftly all that is not in alignment to truth is falling away.. Stay strong in your essence, in the light within each of you.. Let it guide you to inner transformation and freedom! Let it guide you home!
Home is where the heart is and dear ones the heart is within you!!

Be free to enjoy the expression you are in, stay awake to the truth, follow and honor your own self, intuition and feelings, be open to new discoveries and have some fun.. Learn to let go and play.. Yes be like the child to enter heaven, which is the freedom to love, to open and to grow!

Each of you is here to bring forth your own expression! Now is the great push forward.. Birth the star you are! Be free and enjoy this experience..

We are here waiting with baited breath.. As what will you birth within? As within so without, so stay clear that you are a powerful divine being! Open in all ways to your own essence, listen and honor what feels right to you and act on it! Let go of judgments and especially judgments of self and what you must do to survive or to gain acceptance! You are accepted, you must now accept yourself! As you do, you are free to explore new realities and to bring forth with Mother Earth new creations!

As we each come home to our hearts, we become still, we can hear clearly, we can allow softness and grace, and we can reboot.. Then we can be refreshed to step forth along our own unique path and be strong enough to trust it! You are all coded for this and remember, you have everything within you that is needed for your journey! Remember too the Fool’s journey begins anew each day with unlimited potential! So have fun and enjoy your way!

We love each of you dearly and are your greatest cheerleaders as you sometimes may fall or miss a step. Know in those times you gain such inner wisdom, clout and strength.. Be free and easy with the ebbs and flows of life dear one, enjoy the dance and follow your own innate wisdom.. All the way home. Merrily, merrily all the way home!

We thank you and command you, take back your power now, and watch as the new world transforms and is unfurled! Be open to the necessary changes and have fun with it, be like the child and open to the wonders of the universe as you are all that is and always shall be..

We love you! Saint Germain and friends….

Blessings and love Dear Hearts!!!

Ray Dawn
Copyright Ray Dawn 2015
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included- thanks!!