Love is our new reality

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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, September 24

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

September 24th,2015


Blossom: Hello there, my friends. Well, we are in the throes of Wave X about to hit us in it’s fullest capacity … although, I am aware you have not given a date , yet you say we shall notice great changes by the end of the year. I am excited to channel today … wondering what message you shall bring through.

The Federation of Light: And you are aware instantly, that the Energy coming through is telling you we would prefer once again to bring our message through via your voice channel … providing this is agreeable with you?

Of course … and probably agreeable with the birds outside, who usually add harmony to the piece. Many thanks.


Blossom: Thank you so much … The Energy coming through was so BEAUTIFUL … I was struggling not to dissolve into tears! THANK YOU. I KNOW I speak for us all when I say WE LOVE YOU.


The Federation of Light: Greetings once again, Dearest souls of Planet Earth … who have chosen to listen to these messages via the lady Blossom … that we have chosen to use as ‘Our Voice’ in this manner … And we have chosen well … we would say.

So, we would inquire as to your well-being these days? Is it … as the lady Blossom suggested at another time … of a flatness within your Being? A lack of enthusiasm? A lack of lustre for the awakening morning? Is that how your Being is FEELING?

Or, is it Dearest Ones … that your heart beat is connecting with a Higher Energy that is entering into your Planet Earth in these very moments that you are listening to our communication?

Either way … either way, Dearest Ones, we ask you to accept that you are connected to this Higher Wave of Energy that is passing through. You may FEEL it on a particular level … depending on the level of Vibration that you are resonating with at the time.

Yet, we do not wish you to misunderstand our wording. For some that have been on their Awakening journey for many a year … and yet now … at this time … maybe FEELING particularly flat … This does not mean that you shall miss out on the Higher levels being able to penetrate into your Being … to be absorbed by your Being . For the level that you have reached within your spiritual self … remains upon that level always. You cannot drop down a level … and then another. You remain within the level you have reached … and you reside within that level for as long as it takes.

The lady Blossom … is asking us ‘For as long as what takes?’ And we say ‘For as long as it takes your Being to understand ALL that resonates within that level … for there are many levels within that level.’

We have spoken of this before … And only when you feel that your head … the crown of your head … is pushing through … pushing through the ceiling … in order to break through … because you are ready to move into the next level … Only then … shall you be able to do so. Yet, Dearest Ones … this Energy … this profound Energy … that is pouring through into your Planet as we speak … shall enable many to push through … to allow themselves to lift into … not one level Higher, but for some of you … three or four or five.

So, do not despair that one’s heart is FEELING a little despondent at these times and has been for a while … because, as the lady Blossom inquired … also in another communication … the emptiness that one has been FEELING has indeed emptied one out … allowing this Higher Energy to fill your Being … through and through.

Do you see? Do you understand? To fill your Being with a much HIGHER PURER ENERGY OF LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

The difference you shall FEEL as your days continue … through to the end of the year and onwards … shall give your heart the KNOWING that the journey you have been walking for so very long … was worth every step.

It was worth the times when you could skip and hop and jump in the sunshine … in leaps and bounds, it felt at times. Laughing in joy … in Love.

It was worth every step … where you felt you had to drag your feet … encumbered by a ball and chain through the mire … through the thickness of the mud and yet, Dearest Souls … you marched on … You bravely soldiered on … because the KNOWING OF WHO YOU ARE … made you continue. Because that KNOWING OF WHO YOU ARE … bought you into these times … that you KNEW were waiting here for you.

Do you see?  You walked into these times … You came to meet them. They could not come down to meet you … for their level of frequency could not reach such a depth … should we say. Yet, you … in your steadfastness of faith … within ALL … have lifted your Beings High enough to join … to merge … with this Newness … this Higher strength of Love which shall walk with you … into your New Golden Age of Glory.

As we speak … do you not FEEL it within your heart? Within every particle of your BEing … that we speak Truth?

Yes, you do … For IT IS.

We honour ALL of you. Each One of you … that has come to this junction. There is no right or left. There is only straight ahead. Shining Golden Light down upon you … into your Beings. Into every cell that works with Love within your body.

And for those of you that are already FEELING as High as a kite … then we would say you have reached some of those Higher levels and shall continue to move up … but maybe only one or two … for you have already moved into Higher levels … of a few more than you were before.

Rejoice … Rejoice … Re- joyous … Reuniting with Joy … With Peace.

In as through of LOVE … LOVE … LOVE …








EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE OF ENERGY IS LOVE …  Playing with itself … experiencing itself … within different frequencies OF itself … Enabling itself to BE itself.


Lift your BEings via your heart’s FEELINGS … as you listen to the Vibration of the sound of our words.

Put a smile upon your face.

Shine Diamond Light through your eyes … so that ALL you look upon … sparkles with LOVE.

ALL that you look upon … sparkles with LOVE from the LIGHT that shines through your eyes. From the LOVELIGHT that flows from the beat of your heart … that is connected to this Higher Energy flowing into the Dearest Deepest part of Mother Earth … That NURTURES YOU … That LOVES YOU.

And in return … you give of yourself. You receive of Each other … You connect as ONE … as LOVE.

Prepare your Beings … as you have been doing since you arrived on this Planet … for these glorious days ahead.


WE THANK EACH ONE OF YOU … FOR TRUSTING IN YOURSELVES … and through that TRUSTING … comes the KNOWING … through the FEELING … that YOU … YOU alone … have accomplished that which you came here to do … and from now on … it is plain sailing … as you would say. As you allow the breeze to catch your sails and move you ever forward … continuing on … always … into a Higher Brighter part of yourselves … a Higher Brighter part of it ALL.

Many thanks.

End of session.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Translations available at:

Webpage: Blossom Goodchild