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Saint Germain via Susan Leland, August 25

St Germain: “Freedom Comes from Knowing Truth!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 
August 25, 2015


“Greetings, Most Beloved Ones in this Family!  I am Saint Germain, and I stand before you, and I invite you to stand with me as free, free beings.  That is why I have chosen this particular Freedom song.  Most of you recognize this – La Marseillaise – and it is coming from the turbulence of the French Revolution, which was first and foremost for Liberty or Freedom.  It was inspired, if you will, by the American Revolution.  No matter that there were reasons behind those which were given – manipulations and so forth – what is important are the concepts, the ideals, the inspirations that all men and women are created equal!!!


“Now, we know that there were some rather large and obvious omissions – for that statement I just added ‘women,’ and we know that slaves were not considered to be quite on the same level of Humanity.  And yet another war was fought which was heard around the World.  And that was for Freedom of the slaves. But, the truth be known, you have all been enslaved – well, you know that now!


“And I have watched, I have watched as descendants of those, who first sought to control and gain success, have taken their turns.  And I have watched the decline of the over-riding, shall we say, national and international spirit of Freedom.  But, it had to get where it is.  You had to have visible proofs to yourselves -of course, these are third-dimensional illusions – but you had to have third-dimensional proofs that you aren’t free!  This is a part of the grand wake-up, is it not?!!!

“And while it is a harsh awakening for some who have always thought – because they lived where there were, you know, baseball games and apple pie and all of those things – that they were free.  They are finding out that this has not been the case! And there will be nothing more dramatic or traumatic for them than to hear the Truth of those events – which almost everyone here in human bodies on Planet Earth, can remember in great detail. And those, of course, are the events of 9-11, which have led to wars and all kinds of events of what you might consider to be -again, this downward spiral – but these things happened for reason and purpose.


“They were horrific, and that is Truth, but at the same time they allowed the consciousness to raise high enough to unite all of the Humanity of Planet Earth!!!  I’m not speaking of their non-human controllers.  I’m speaking of those who are true humans – Gods and Goddesses, though they may not have known it and certainly didn’t feel it that day – but they channeled the fear into great loving Oneness together.  And it is that raising of the consciousness which has inspired so many who, up until that time did not have any thought that they were actually not free, to wake up!  And, of course, you have all watched as around the World – shall we say, results in the 3D World – have come into play.


“You have such things as the Patriot Act, the searching at the airports, the looking for bombs and violence everywhere, and so on.  And you have unleashed acts of violence.  This is the last hurrah of those who are trying to remain in control!  And they have drugs such as, they can erase your memory, they have drugs to which they can add in energy beams and so on, so that they can trigger people to act violently.  This is the opposite of Freedom, is it not?!


“And yet all of this is soon to be completely gone!  And so in the interim it is to prepare yourselves.  Bring in the Love!  Bring yourselves into the highest levels of vibration that you possibly can – and then strive for more!  You can require it; you can invite in your guides; you can invite any or all of us Mentors to help you to accomplish this!!! Take the Higher Dimensional Perspective and when the Truth comes out about 9-11, yes, offer your arms to embrace those who are devastated by that Truth. 


“And then whisper in their ears, ‘In this Truth comes our Freedom!  Let us rejoice about having our Freedom!  And let us move together into the Higher Lifestyle where these kinds of events will never happen again, where Peace on Earth shall be the mode of our lives that we enjoy, the way of every expression that we utter or think or act upon; where Freedom means the Freedom to be ourselves without fear of reprisals, of any kind of punishment. Let go of your fear and come into Freedom!!!’


“That, Beloved Ones, is how we travel together upon the High Road!  That is how we move into the Golden Age! That is how all of its gifts, without reservation, are available to each and every one of you, whether it be healing for your bodies or your spirits, whether it be a home or new relationships or traveling somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go – makes no difference.  It’s all worthy and it’s all there for you to be free to enjoy, as time goes – and it is going; it is collapsing quite rapidly -there isn’t much left.  So be free in your Hearts. Rejoice! 

“Let this Freedom come in.  Let it literally ring, ring out from your beings so that the World will get your message:  ‘Yes, we are free. We simply have to acknowledge that we are!  We have to live in our own Divinities.  Most of all, we have to love ourselves and each other enough to enter together into this Higher Dimensional Reality!!!’  Because that, Beloved Ones, is where you are headed!  And I can say this because I am on the Road with you, and yet I see where you’re going.  And I promise you, that you all have a grand and glorious Lifestyle and that you’re all free to enter into it, if you will but know the Truth of Who You Really Are!!!

“We have Mission and Purpose and it is to help to free the World! And we do so with Love, with Peace and with Joy!  And I, Saint Germain, have much responsibility for bringing Freedom, and financial stability to the World.  And I assure you that all success is the reality in this!  This is where the Truth lies, and I stand with you to share this Truth, that you may know it and feel it, trust in it, and thus bring yourselves up into its glorious vibrations!!!

“So thank you for staying the Course, for moving together into the Freedom that you so deserve – and have not yet lived on Planet Earth as fully as you are about to do!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, August 25, 2015.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.