Sananda and Archangel Michael via Angel Skog, November 20th, 2018

Sananda and Archangel Michael via Angel Skog

November 20th, 2018


Good morning beautiful lightbearers on Earth.

Today I San come forward with Sananda and Archangel Michael as support close by my side. We want to give you this message.

What is the ego? What is the higher self? What is the purpose of the ascension process?

The Ego is everything that is not lasting. “Lasting” is your nature. Each vibration in the Universe consisting of Lasting, which means everything is One.

We can liken it to a leaf that is hanging on to a tree. The tree is Lasting, thus everything that is – the leaf is separately holding on to leaf string and has the illusion of being separate from the tree. However, each leaf has its origin in the tree and every vibration in the leaf is that of the tree. The tree and the leaf is thus one single existence.

To take this further we can liken the leaf string that is connecting the leaf to the tree to your higher self, the part of your existence that still is awake to the knowledge that it is the tree, that it is one with the tree.

The ascension process has a purpose to integrate your higher self completely and thus raise your consciousness to the fifth dimension. Simply put the leaf will know it is the tree while it is the leaf and yet deeper the leaf will become the tree, but as the leaf.

What gives the leaf the illusion of being separate from the tree is the Ego. Angel prefers the word non-consciousness as it is not equally misinterpreted and negatively tinged. And it is this that the ego is – non-consciousness of the fact that it is the tree, that it is Lasting, the diving source, unconditional love, light and One with Everything.

Non-consciousness, that is the Ego, rather believes that it is all thoughts and feelings that it experiences from the third dimensional level of “forgetfulness”. These feelings consist of lower vibrations than your natural existence and are thus experienced as heavy, painful and full of suffering.

In order for you to recognize the ego in yourselves we ask you to feel and listen to your feelings and thoughts. All feelings and thoughts that do not consist of the purest joy, the purest unconditional love, happiness and compassion are the Ego, as you in your natural existence are nothing else but the Existence.

In this way you can recognize your ego and with full love feel it, accept it and then let you of it and then go back home to the existence of Being the beautiful tree that we all are together.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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