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Sananda and Mary Magdalene via Jennyli Gustavsson, October 25th, 2020

Sananda and Mary Magdalene via Jennyli Gustavsson, October 25th, 2020


Your divine creation

Thank you for all listening to this important, eternal and loving information. With an open mind, you should move to your inner self and remember who you are. This enables your guides and angels to approach you to support and help you in the work that will change the world. There is a still spring at every man’s divine feet, and an eternal sun shines above every divine man’s head. You are now asking to let these sources find their way in through your spiritual system.

Take a few deep breaths and feel how the eternal energy from Mother Earth and Mother Water is connected to you, deep from within her, and all the way to the cosmic center of the soul in the solar plexus. You reach the cosmic center of the soul together with the energies of mother earth and mother water, which flow up through your bones, and land in the root chakra and navel chakra. From there, your body passes on the living energy to your soul’s abode in the solar plexus. Miracles happen because you now immortalize yourself.

Behold, now you stand firm in the light of Mother Earth and Mother Water. This then enables receiving the light also from Heavenly Father, to establish the spiritual and cosmic balance. Take another deep breath and see for yourself your own coronation as king or queen. The soul longs for this stage in your spiritual development. Your own coronation, is the way into the kingdom of heaven in the heart. The beautiful thing that is happening now is that you are crowned in the divinely golden light. The crown that is put on your head shines with gold. At the same time, the crown should be decorated with green emeralds.

Now follow the golden energy of the life-giving wind that is led down from heaven, through your golden crown, and to your neck chakra ….. The golden energy is the key that unlocks the door in your throat. This is the heaviest door to unlock, but every time you open it, it gets easier and easier. So now take a new breath and let the living, golden energy from Father Wind be led down through your crown on your head, and down to your neck chakra ….. The handle that you now grab and twist is the eternal and conscious the breath that is the key to the kingdom of heaven in your heart.

This is the most important creation of your time. Because when you have opened the door to your heart, the sun in your inner sky lights up by itself. It has only waited for eternal air to be able to have the power to ignite. What is happening now is happening by itself. All you have to do is open the door, and the little glow will finally make the air flare up and shine with its full force.

Signs that you have opened the gate to the kingdom of the sun in your heart, can be tears that flow when you finally get to let go of the heavy that you carried. It can also be communication that you have never dared to convey before. You now begin to speak what your heart says. You can even pant like a dragon in the first stage of opening. You spit fire, so to speak, when the fire in your heart flares up and burns away the heavy you carried. Everything is in order, so do not be afraid of this process. Take a deep sigh of relief as it calms down, and see how a pleasant glow spreads in your chest.

It is only now that you can see the true image of yourself. We have given you this picture, so that you could open the door, but it is only now that you meet yourself for real. It is only now that you realize that it is the king or queen of your heart who sits there on his golden throne, who is the power within you, who leads you in every step you take, and who is the creator, the life force and the light in your life. The green emeralds in the crown are the symbol of the power of your heart. Gold and green forests are this stage shaped by.

Like children play best, you say. And that’s what this’s about. Meeting yourself is like finding your very best friend. A friend who is always there, always understands you, always loves you, and always listens. The primordial power possessed by this wise friend is colored in gold. You have now fed yourself to the primordial force from which you came. You are now finally as vibrantly golden as the golden grail. You are now a holy golden grail, ready to have your inner being transformed into shining Christ energy. As in heaven within, so and on earth outside. You are now a golden goblet, ready to let your Christ-self be born. Take a living sigh of relief when you realize that the Christ-self is born there in the cosmic center of the solar plexus.

You have revived yourself with the energies of Mother Earth that activated the root and navel chakras, and you have revived yourself with the energies of Father Heaven, which have activated the neck and heart chakras. These four energies, the four elements earth, water, wind and sun, now radiate automatically in the solar plexus. You can feel it tickle when the solar plexus is activated, and the longing blue flower blooms its beautiful leaves. The meeting with yourself in the heart is a prerequisite for the solar plexus to be activated.

Note that a kundalini erection is therefore difficult when you have not first let it open and enter your heart chakra. A flower cannot grow and sprout its leaves without the energy of the sun. As simple as that.

You now lead the creation of your soul as it was originally intended, as the king or queen you are. You now show your soul the way, through the seeing, also divine nectar, which causes the flower of your soul to fertilize. The solar plexus will now be the bed from which your Christ-self will be born. The longing blue flower is the platform for all the spiritual and ever-growing that is now happening. You have created the conditions for the dream-like state.

Thank you for valuing yourself so much that the form of your life may crystallize in accordance with the soul’s desire to remember its eternal origin, and thus recreate it, in the time that is now. The soul’s longing for itself, its own origin, is very great. The soul’s desire to be taken up again in the eternal light is great. Therefore, we ask you to listen carefully.

Enables the miracle of the resurrection to take place within you. Make sure your longing blue flower does not droop. Give it divine water from Mother Earth. Feel the life-giving water rise through your legs and land in the navel chakra. Now your flower radiates vitality. Then turn your face towards the sky. See for yourself how a little blue bird comes flying from paradise. He comes with divine nectar, to drink from the flower of your flower. He sees your beautiful flower and is attracted to you.

Prepare to receive the purple nectar from the paradise garden. You have sometimes heard of this energy as the violet flame. You can now see how this violet energy plays an important role in your spiritual awakening. This divine nectar is offered to you only when your soul has begun to blossom. Before that, no bird will be attracted to you. Do you now see how each step is important in shaping your spiritual Self? You need to take all the steps in the right order. You are already divine in your essence, you must always remember that. In the seed of your soul lies all your divine potential. You just have to understand that like a gardener growing this seed.

First you put the seed in the soil, then you water it so that it will take root. Then you let it open up for the eternal sun to shine and give power and direction to your seed. Once your seed has emerged from the ground using the four elements, it can finally bloom. And then you finally become visible to the little blue bird, which in eons has longed to drink water from the flower of your flower. You are now finally visible to the world. And with your spiritual awakening, through your third eye, conception takes place.

See how the purple blue bird lands on your head, bends its head forward to drink from the flower of your flower, and then a drop of purple nectar falls into your forehead, into your third eye. The violet energy is now led directly down to the solar plexus and is combined with Mother Earth’s water there. See how the wine from paradise mixes with the water from Mother Earth. Fertilization has taken place, and your flower can now bear fruit. This fruit is a small human child, because you are human. Consequently, your Christ-self is now born. You liberate yourself by recreating yourself to who you really are.

When water and wine are mixed, a pink color is created. Your little child is now lying there in the flower, cut and naked. Of course, you need to dress the child in an eternal costume of light, to grow in and to be protected by. You have let your child be born through your third eye, with the help of divine wine. It is now time to dress the child in the highest divine light that you receive through your crown chakra. Draw another sigh of relief and see for your inner self how the highest light is led down through the crown chakra and envelops you all, and your inner newborn Christ-Self. What awaits now is a period of growth. You need to grow into the role of your true Self.

Let your child enjoy the eternal nourishment on a regular basis. Let the baby be nourished by Mother Earth and Father Heaven. Let your child receive divine nectar through the third eye in holy baptism, and let the child receive eternal clothing from the highest light through your crown chakra.

With your new Self taking shape within you, we want you to let your angels and guides take care of this child. You may feel vulnerable for a while, and need care. Let yourself be taken care of. Receive the care that is given to you. Know that you are always loved by us, your allies forever. Take a deep sigh of relief and feel confident that you are stronger than ever. You who are a king or queen in your own world, must take care and take care of your inner child. Everything is good, very, very good! Rest at this fountain, and let the light of eternity illuminate your new eternal Self, in mastery.

Now follow your present Self and your physical Self, in a few conscious and present breaths, and feel that you are present in the physical world. Let your mind wake up to the impressions that are around. Listen with your ears, feel the chair with your physical body, move your fingers, arms, feet, legs and head a little. Follow your breath, and feel how you are fully present in your physical body. Thank your angels and guides for this creation in the soul.

Greetings be to you the miracle of beauty on earth.

Your eternal servants


Jesus Christ – True Spirit, and Mary Magdalene.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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