Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, June 4th, 2019


June 4th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Jesus and today we will write about love – the unconditional and all encompassing love. It is the love that only gives and never takes, the love the brightens up everything around you – the love that lets you feel peace and joy. Does it not sound wonderful? Does it not sound fantastic that there is such a love in the world today?

It is through your inner true loving vision that you can see yourselves and your world through the light of love. Dear brothers and sisters use all of your love ability now and meet your world with this weapon. You have an ability to use weapons in different ways. Love as a weapon is the most disarming weapon that you can use. Love appears everywhere and is growing in the most unbending places – where nothing else has grown for a very long time love is allowed to grow. Look at nature, it has no limit for what it can achieve and neither has love. Nature grows with love for both are one. The love within you also has no limit. It is so to speak limitless. Rediscover the love within you and you have found yourself. All your gifts are then at your feet and the lights of the world smile to you. Your path becomes light and clear and all that you touch becomes healed.

What a future you are facing dear humans on Earth. The best of it is that it does not need to be in the future rather everything can happen now – right now in this moment when you read this. Is this not wonderful – right? Do you not want to find the source to your happiness? It rests in the love and stillness within your self. Are you afraid to meet the love? Do you think it is worth that meeting the fear and hate that surrounds you? Do you not understand that your happiness lies in your salvation and your salvation exists within you in a source so deep and so full of peace and love that it sometimes can feel overwhelming to remain in it? Take then a step at a time and approach it bit by bit until you feel the peace embrace you and you know and can feel your goal. Your goal must of course be to find your own inner salvation. How would you otherwise save the world, if you have not yourself found your salvation? Where would the light that enlightens the world come from if it does not come from within yourself?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is you who brightens up the world with the clear light that burns within you. Let it shine, let love flow and see what miracles you bring with you – Miracles of Light and Love. What can be stronger than the light and the love that shines through your whole being and provides the world its right light and the love that also is God’s love? It is the light and the love that you should stand up and show the world what it really consists of. It is born in light and love, exactly as you my brothers and sisters. Everything in the Universe is created from light and love. God is only love and light. When you find your source of light and love and understand that you are all one, created as one, and that you consist of love only, then the peace will descend over the world and another truth can appear in your minds.

I am your faithful old servant and walk with you to the door of the Source.

With much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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