Tim in Agartha via Kerstin Sisilla, June 4th, 2019

Tim in Agartha

June 4th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

Hello beloved sisters and brothers,

I am Tim and I live inside our common planet Gaia. Here we live in the fifth dimension. Many of you who read this belong here in Agartha. At the time of the demise of Atlantis there were many of us who fled do down here and created a highly developed civilization. We live in peace and freedom. Freedom for us means that nobody needs to exercise power over anybody else. We collaborate and help each other out of love and not for our own benefit. If somebody choses to live alone in a cave in the mountains or the rain forest we accept this. Everybody is free to shape his own life as long as nobody else is hurt by it. “Nobody else” also includes animals, trees and plants. We live in close collaboration with nature and nature beings. Many of the beings who still exist in your fairy tales exist here, since we love and respect them and they us.

Since we do not have any monetary system nobody is richer than anybody else. We do not need to work to survive, but chose an area that interests us. Most of us want to contribute to the ambiance and fellowship here – maybe by working with healing or private conversations. In spite of the fact that illnesses do not exist here with us we might need temporary help and care to strengthen our love and powers of thought.

It is with the power of thought that we create our world. We manifest in the world of thought through our fantasy. Imagine that you want to have a clear yellow dress. You see the beautiful color in front of you and the model that you desire. It will manifest on your body. Everything you wish for in light and love can quickly manifest in our world.

On the surface of Earth the energies are rising and it is time you to remember how it was in former times. Remember that the power exists inside yourselves. Forget gurus, popes, presidents, parents, kings and politicians. You are your own King or Queen. Regain the command over yourself. In your heart you have everything that is possible – ALL THAT EXISTS. You are loved by God/Source/the Universe exactly as you are. You are unique. You are important and exactly you have a role in what is happening right now. Your calling and your interest might be to an actor, sing, play music, cook food, arrange dances, festivities and gatherings of people, write, paint or take care of old people, children or those that are ill. Regardless of what you in your heart wants to do, when you do it in love and joy you affect the whole population of Earth. At the same time you find your way back to yourself, as when you listen to your heart you listen to your Higher Self.

Us here in Agartha are happy and joyful for what is happening on the surface of the Earth. The connection between you and us can in the future be opened up completely. Already now we achieve more easily and telepathic connection. Some of us are also visiting the surface of Earth since it is getting easier for us to temporarily manifest our bodies on Earth in order to meet you. Many of you are dreaming of life here and many visit us through astral travels. Some of you have returned fully with body and soul, when the longing has become too great. Others have chosen to be born in on the surface of Earth in order to work from there in a near future. In reality they are already working since these children spread their light to all of you.

I thank you for receiving this message and I will return another time. Au revoir dear Brothers and Sisters. We in Agartha admire you, love and celebrate your great success with a cheer in our best (alcohol free and ecological) wine. Cheers

Welcome to here when you so desire.

With love from your brother Tim, who’s name on Earth was Timothy Brooke – a fisherman’s sun in Canada.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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