Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, March 15th, 2019


March 15th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and I have come today in order to speak about the fact that Earth has a mind just like you. Earth is created as a divine being and her inner most being vibrates of light. There is no difference between her and you besides the size and in the order of things where everything happens in a given direction. It is together with Earth that you now wake up to yourself. You are in an intimate collaboration with each other and your Earth. You are one with each other, but you are also one with Earth.

It is in the moment of giving that you become aware of whom you are. It is in love that you give and it is in love that you receive. What you give you receive. You are a mirror of yourselves. Your life and your choices are all the time mirrored back to you. Sometimes it can be the same film that is played a few times. All of a sudden the film is changing script as there is something new that has entered into your lives. It can either be a new lesson in the game of life or it can be a greater consciousness of how life really is supposed to be lived. A higher step on the latter is achieved and new transforming experiences stand at the door. This is something that is happening on your Earth today. New transforming experiences are taking place and the human collective together with Earth has taken a step up the ladder.

Are there more steps necessary? Yes, beloved friends, but they are smaller and easier to take. They only require the ability to listen well in your mind and your heart. It is required that you listen to the true voice in your heart and follow it without being misled. Receive help from me your brother Jesus and you will see how the journey becomes so much easier. I am the one that can lead you to your Father and the voice of the Holy Spirit – The voice that carries you beyond all the difficulties that you are now facing. It comes from your Father God. Your Father – who knows you all and waits for your return home. You are all a part of his Kingdom and can choose the realm when you want to. Follow the instructions of the light and you will soon have entered into the Kingdom that is God’s and thus also yours since it was God who created you in light and love. You can choose God or the ego. Both cannot exist in the same Kingdom since God’s Kingdom only consists of love and nothing else can exist there. That which is not of love does not exist and cannot find its way it way to God. However, God can reach all of his children through the core of light that exists within all of you. This is the only thing he sees – he sees the complete creation of light and love and nothing else exist for him.

Together you can reach God’s Kingdom again with the help of the guidance you receive in your heart. It is this step that Earth is ready to take and it is this step that humanity now also is preparing for. This is way Earth and humanity finds itself in chaos and uproar. Two different energies face each other, but the light always wins over the lower dark energy. It is only your free will that can stop it for a little while longer, but in the end you will all return to the realm that you belong and always has belonged to – God’s light and loving realm.

I am your guide and together with the Holy Spirit I can help you to return home to the light realm that you belong to and always have belonged to. Call on me and I will be at your side.

I am your brother and servant and I love you so much.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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