A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, March 16th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

March 16th, 2019

Channel: Carina


To already live with a powerful light on Earth has great advantages in the New Era. The energy of the old era is still present, but is receding. This can cause you to still become confused in certain situations that concerns your new being and existence. However, as the dark leaves you more and more clarity will exist in yourselves and on Earth.

Feel inside you what is happening in your life. Feel what is important for You and follow it.

Powerful energy flows are now pouring in over Earth in order to effect that which you have decided shall be ready by the spring equinox in a few days. We can see how some of you fight for air in between the intensive showdowns with the old within you. You can feel a certain despair being the ones you are right now, but we promise you when you have passed the finish line directly or a few days after the spring equinox you will breathe a sigh of relief and be very pleased and at ease with your efforts.

During the old times you have a very hard time making decisions as you weighted in the aspects of others and the impact of your dreams and plans for the future. The old is now starting to be over and gone and you start to feel that you have no responsibility at all for the experiences of others in the choices you make for yourselves as long as it does directly injure them. You are a good human have always been. You are a fantastic being of light that now have the task to proceed in advance of everybody and start to make light loving decisions for yourself. You are the ones who will show others the path towards happiness and success within yourselves. Let others see what is happening when you make decisions that benefit yourselves rather than others. Let go of the fears that you have of being powerful and loving towards yourselves. To be loving towards yourself can not ever hurt anybody else.

Open up for taking in more of yourselves in your lives. Open up for seeing your own greatness and fantastic gifts. Allow yourselves to enjoy your won company and listen to what you have tell to your own human self. Be sure that what you have always known as an inner truth is that which is your truth. You have always been powerful. You have always been powerful lightbeings. You have always been loving. You have always been those that on some level of yourselves have guided and controlled your life.

Remember that when you have experienced that others have directed and controlled you in this life you have always allowed this at some level of yourselves. To remember this can be hard and feel untoward, but in truth you are never a victim for somebody else’s will but your own master who makes a choice from some place of yourselves. Making choices that satisfy others instead of yourselves have been done from a level of you that belong to the old times of darkness. When this darkness now recedes from you these parts of you can no longer guide your choice. Thus it becomes natural for you that higher parts of light of yourselves start to guide your decisions and these are always loving towards yourselves.

It is in this way that it will take place when Earth now is changing. The lower energy parts of your being have received nourishment and power from what we call dark energy. When the old times now are replaced with the New Era in means that the low energy is leaving Earth and is replaced with a higher light energy that activate and support the light within you. You will no longer have to fight to consciously transfer the power within you. You will completely naturally transfer this power to a higher level within yourselves and when you are secure in it others will follow. Life on Earth becomes gradually a lighter place where more and more humans let of low vibrating feelings and replace them with more light and love.

You are right at the beginning of this shift in your linear time, but in universal time this whole shift is already done. Thus be sure that nothing or nobody will ever be able to stop this shift regardless of what they are undertaking.

Stretch out your had and we will walk with you on the path through this shift in the New Era of Light.

We love you!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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