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Sananda – Opinions x Reviews, May 23d, 2023

Sananda – Opinions x Reviews

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I’M SANANDA!

Once again, I can be here bringing my energy and my Love to each one of you.

For us time does not exist, we live the present moment, and when this moment passes, we begin to live the present moment. We do not worry about what happened, nor about what will happen; we live in the present moment. So I would like to ask each of you who were present at the meeting: Long live the energy, long live the feeling, remember the words, but stay everything to yourself; it’s over.

Who hasn’t been, and I won’t comment here if you participated, didn’t participate, if you heard, if you didn’t hear, live your moment too. Close your criticisms and comments. You like to dwell on the past, remember what is not good. Learn to live the present moment.

Each soul chose a path, each soul chose to live each moment. So it’s not up to you here to try to understand why you can be present or not. Each one passes what was planted or chosen by his soul. Don’t blame others. Learn to accept your own walk. You always tend to compare, and ask yourself: “Why not me? Why is he or her and not me?”

How many of you have not asked yourself this question, when something displeases you. This generates a very bad feeling: envy. “Why is he or she and not me?” That’s envy; do you realize that? Most do not, and most will be at this moment saying: “This is not envy for me”. Very well, understand how your soul is prepared to understand.

I tell each of you that the walk is there. The path towards the Light is open and anyone can find it. No one is privileged, no one is harmed, no one is punished; each one follows the path that his soul has defined or the path that his mind has planted. It is interesting how you like to point the finger at many things; you feel good about giving your opinions; you feel good about criticizing the other, but you don’t see it this way, you think you have the right to express your opinion.

Expressing opinion is not talking about the other. When you express your opinion you are talking about something you believe, you are talking about something that you think or may even know, but if you involve another in your opinion it is no longer an opinion, it will be a criticism. Do you understand that? So the line between expressing their opinion and criticizing is very tenuous, but many do not realize it, and if they are right, and if they are able to express their opinions only; they will never think they are criticizing the other.

We have said here many times: Nothing we do is meaningless, nothing we do is in vain, everything has a purpose, and more, everything always has some tests between the lines; and it is exactly at these points that we catch you, it is exactly at these points that we try to show you, how much you still need to evolve. The big problem is that you accept that.

You really like to criticize, now if someone refutes your criticism, you get up and grow; you don’t like it, you don’t admit to being contradicted, you don’t admit that your opinion is criticized.

It’s interesting how your behavior changes according to the tides. Now you vibrate loudly, sometimes you are there near the Fifth Dimension and sometimes you sink into the mud until you can hardly breathe. And why, for what reason, what affects you so much so that you get unbalanced so much and so fast? I say the reason: it’s the ego. The ego is still strong and vibrant, and you will always find yourself in the right to criticize everything and everyone. Because that’s what the ego does. It always puts you with reason, you’re never wrong, you’re always right; this is ego.

And when someone contradicts you, and tells you that you are wrong, you go down there in the mud, because you will use all the artifices not to admit that you made a mistake, and here comes the anger, the annoyance, the argument, everything bad that will take you down there. And what do you get out of it? Nothing, you just lose. It loses because your vibration has fallen a lot, it loses because you will have to walk the path again to raise your vibration with a lot of faith, with a lot of desire.

So I ask each of you: What is it worth to discuss, what is it worth to replicate, what is it worth to contest what you said or what you said? What is it worth? Just for you to keep your superiority, your ego? So you need to review your concepts, because this way you will hardly reach the Fifth Dimension.

It is necessary for each of you to look at what your soul is and what you have become, with Love. It’s no use reproaching yourself now, it’s no use fighting with the world now because the world doesn’t understand it. You are not the center of the world, are you the world that does not understand you or do you do not open your heart to be understood?

My sons and daughters, we have been saying this here constantly: start looking at everything with your heart. You are not taking this seriously. They think it’s another big nonsense that we’re saying, but I’ll remind you just one thing: Follow, believing what we say is a matter of choice, and at this moment the choices must be made. Now, not making the right choices, who loses? Is it us? No, I will never lose anything, not even the other Beings of Light. Now you do, you will miss a great opportunity to evolve, just because you want to keep the ego in control, Just because you think you don’t make mistakes, just because you think your opinions are just opinions, they don’t reach anyone.

The choice is yours, my son and my daughter, the choice is yours, not mine. Difficulties, obstacles, stones on the way, there will always be, and the way you face each obstacle, is what will bring you addition or subtraction in your energy. So as long as you put yourself on a pedestal, think that you are better than everyone, think that your opinion is better than all, and that all you say is that it is the right one, you are only subtracting your energy, because you are leaving your mind in control.

Who is heart, does not criticize, who is heart accepts everything as it comes. “Oh, but this is absurd. I’m not going to be a parasite, a standing thing that doesn’t complain about anything!” Very well, keep your posture. The ego is completely dominating you, it’s your choice. Who acts with the heart is not a parasite, who acts with the heart is not silly, who acts with the heart is not an idiot, it is just a person who looks at everything with Love, no matter how often it is difficult for her, but she seeks to look with Love. And every time she tries to look with Love, she adds up to the learning of her walk.

So I repeat again: It’s a matter of choosing my sons and daughters. Do you want to continue living the feelings of the Third Dimension, where you question everything, criticize everything, give your opinions, do you think everything is wrong? It’s all right, it’s your choice. Now, those who want to evolve accept everything as they come and seek to understand with their heart why they arrived that way. “Why did I go through this. What did I attract? What did I do to attract this?” These are the questions, because everything has a reason, everything has a reason, and those who see and look with their heart, understand, accept. Now those who look with their mind, complain, criticize, judge, because the heart is still closed, it has not opened to the Light.

An open heart to the Light, accepts anything without complaining, without criticizing. This is the great teaching. Observe your feelings, observe your attitudes. The walk is there for each one to follow, and only those who learn to look at everything with their heart will find their way. Many paths lead to the Light, but to find them you need to be Light, because if not, in a certain way you will be going in the opposite direction.

Learn to be just Love. Whatever happens, look at everything with Love. And be sure, that in this way, you will learn to understand why it came, why it came that way, and be sure that everything is learning. Nothing happens by chance. Everything has a reason.

Let’s talk about time; so I would say that God Father/Mother doesn’t waste his time on nonsense. Everything that happens has his hands and most of the time, I could even say 100% of the time, these are lessons you need to learn. To see them, just receive them with Love. There is no other way.

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