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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, May 10th, 2018


Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and today it is a special day for me. In some countries it is called the Ascension Day. It means that I in my earthly, but five dimensional body, ascended to my father’s abodes visible to those that believed in my words. This is what your planet right now is in the process of doing and also you dear people on Earth. Your bodies become ever more refined at the same time as you get ever more confused. (Smiles). Well, maybe that was a little too much, but you might have this feeling of being a bit extra fragile and unsure about where your body and life has gone with you. It is a feeling that something new is entering into your life, but you cannot quite put your finger on what it is yet. There is stillness and a vibration within you that you still do not yet know how to harbor. You can hear two voices within you, the voice of your ego (the voice of your thinking), and the voice from your higher self, and sometimes you might feel it is hard to keep them apart. When this happens it is best to be still and listen within at the same time as you turn off your thoughts. Just follow your breathing and after awhile you can hear a quite voice within yourself. It is best to follow this voice – this voice wants only good things to happen for you and helps you forward until you are more sure of which path to follow.

It is a big day today, as it reminds us of the great event that is now on its way to happen with Earth and its whole population. It is the size of the transformation that is the big difference, which makes it to a grandiose event in the Universe. It is a fantastic drama that we will hold in our memories for all who want to experience it. Earth has taken its first step into its light dimension. She has absorbed so many light particles that she has been able to and it these particles that now are impacting your world in different ways. It is happening on a minimum as well as maximum level. It might thus feel as if you are going backwards in your development, while in fact you are going forward. You might experience it as if you have lost your higher energy, while in fact it is a new and higher energy that is on its way in and it might take awhile before you have assimilated it so that it becomes part of your life. This can in turn lead to you changing parts of your views and your habits. You might behave in a different way from what you did earlier to everybody’s surprise and possible concern. You might loose some friends at the same time as you make new friends. Life goes forward with new steps for you and as long as you follow your heart your path is light. Other people can see or feel that it shimmers a little extra around you and they are pulled either towards you or away from you. Those that have started their journey and want to continue their light path gladly follow your footsteps. Those who are afraid to change their thinking and habits would rather pull away. Courage is needed to go through change, but in the end life demands this of you in any case. Events happening in your life make you see things in a different way and your habits and thoughts change. This is how we all have learned to take the steps that we take.

Humanity is now on its way. We can see how you take giant steps from one reality to a new one. It undulates like waves when you now move forward to your fate of light and love. We stand around you. We are above you. We are underneath you. You are surrounded everywhere dear friends. We love you so much and we are so happy for your determination to now again enter into the light.

Much love and light I send to you.

Your faithful brother





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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