Love is our new reality

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The Angels via Jenny, May 10th, 2018

If you knew how loved you are . . .

We love you. You must feel and in many cases name the old feeling to get a sense of what is moving through you, for what is going on now. We are flooding your subtle body with peptides of live light. Biophotons. These pulse through your body, in waves. And love from the Mother comes in waves. Many kinds of waves moving across and through you. Imagine many ocean shorelines all together intersecting. You are that confluence.

This helps you envision how you are being flushed through in very extraordinary ways. So your particular core is shaken in your particular ways. What rises up reveals the precise ways you have constellated around an issue or an identity. You groan, “Again?”

Wherever there is a stagnant bit of feeling, an old thought or pattern of thought frozen in the muscles, you experience it in that old familiar way. Even such a small worry as, “What will I do about_______?” Like waves crashing on the sea beach, let the crashing and the breaking down of the old continue in you. You cannot hold on, so let go.

This is actually subtle even if the waves are strong. We help each iteration be lighter and come with more awareness. The momentary “getting it” is for you.

What we offer you? Love. We love you. Only love. So when you question what we are doing for you, this is always our first answer. If you knew how loved you are, your issues would all dissolve.

You are loved. By the Angels, your Angels, by the people you know and even some you forget. Your worth in the world is not judged or measured. You are valuable as an intrinsic part of the Divine. Your value is beyond gold. You open your consciousness to the upwelling, incoming energies of light and you feel the movement of this light throughout your whole self.

You are worthy by this work and your awareness of it. You are worthy by your innate light and caring. You are worthy just as you are. As you breathe, right now, you become aware and you have some ease.

Feeling distress, asking for help, receiving some measure of relief, knowing it inside you—these are your markers of grace. Many have not the time or the focus to do this, but you do. And so you are valuable right now, in this moment of quiet acceptance and love.

Our love is with you, around you, within you. Bless you now and always.