Sananda via Beatrice Madsen, March 30th, 2019


March 30th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Who sees you when you shed your tears alone in your chamber and quietly asks for help for your pain – yes, I do.

Who sees your attempts for rehabilitation and persist attempts to improve your patterns over and over again – yes, I do.

Who rejoices with your progress, when you notice that you choose another path that you normally do when you are faced with the same dilemma – Yes, I do.

I whisper as a warm summer wind in your ear that you are forgiven, not just once, but every time my beloved. I have infinite patience with you. I know that like the tree growing at the pace it should in order to become strong and resilient you must also give yourself time to grow. If you are nourished too much or given too much water you will grow to a lanky plant that cannot handle very much and easily breaks apart.

You need to be exposed to that which is life in order to become hardy, strong, enduring and receptive. For those who have not received this in the right proportions there is twisted growth and illnesses and other illnesses and twists. You, exactly you, I carry so well. Slowly I let you heal with my infinite understanding of exactly your soul and that, which has created and formed you. I see the whole chain of your earlier incarnations and I see why you must be exposed to what you are exposed to right now. Even if you see and understand it my compassion is not reduced. In this life you are newly hatched and how would you know, as you do not remember and cannot see the whole of you with all your aspects. You should know that I honor you for having had the courage to go through so much. You have dared to enter the darkest of the dark during many incarnations and this has given your soul the most valuable attributes. You know the expression “it is the darkest before the dawn” and now it is time for your soul to rise up in its full splendor. The wandering in the dark is over and you have done it completely and meticulously. In the corners of the dark there is nothing more for you to find. Now, with my help we walk together out in the light and stand completely in the service and availability of the light.

Allow yourself to shine, you human, and become the one that you once were meant to become. Your light is strong and powerful and the beings of darkness without light are terrified as they fall apart when you dare to shine without fear. They flee in terror as they fall apart when you dare to stand up straight, see them in the eyes and hold on to your own power and might. You can say that after plenty of incarnations that you know yourself and you have nothing more to gain from them. You do not need to remember every life in detail in your conscious self as your current life is a synthesis of everything you have been. It is enough that you are NOW, as in this now everything of you exists.

Open up your own heart and see what is magnificent in being alive on Earth. That which the soulless fear the most is that you will see your own power, beauty and the light of your soul as then they will have no chance. They have succeeded quite well in getting you to feel worthless, imperfect that enslaved.

We are at dusk for the old thoughts and at dawn of the new era. The victory of love is what feared the most and remember that your fearless appearance makes the old world structure shake in its foundation.

You are awake and you are the one you are. We are doing a victory lap as we are resurrected. You know you are indestructible and they may try, but their time is over. You are a light in the world and we come unity and plenty of us.

The prince of peace is our name and we say together – Greetings.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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