Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, March 31st, 2019

Judas Iscariot

March 31st, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas and I have complete confidence in your development to higher dimensional beings. Humanity stands at the gate of its destiny. It is meant that you should open up this portal so that the daylight can shine in – A light that is so strong that you first recoil so that later can in joy and curiosity can approach the light. There are many who are peering out through the portal now and they marvel over the all the beauty that they see there. Some have started to take their first steps into through the portal and others have slowly started to wander into this light portal in order to get a glimpse of the world of light and love that they have seen glimmer here and there.

Yes, it is a different world that is waiting for you when your inner transformation is ready. When you allow the light to take hold in your body your consciousness and mind is changing. Your inner world impact your outer as we have said so many times before, and a light inner world can only result in a light outer world. It might sound a bit unrealistic, but nevertheless that is the way it is. Imagine a large group of people that change their inner reality – how do you then think your outer reality will look? You can be kept in the outer reality through constant impact of outer stimuli and forget the inner force that you have. Once you have found your inner force no stimuli can impact you in the same way. You then follow a whole different source – A source that is stronger, lighter and clearer.

It is at this portal that we know stand. How many of you open up the portal and let in the light into your lives. The light that retransforms everything that you thought was true in your lives. It become a rebirth with completely different thoughts and valuations than what you are used to. You can then only go step by step in the now that you are in and follow the wise guidance that is whispered to you deep inside the holiness of your heart. It is this transformation that you are now facing and here you have to be humble in your mind. It is in humbleness to the wonders of life that you should live your lives. It is also in the joy of sharing that greatness is noticed – The greatness that points to a higher spiritual maturity of love for all that one can see and experience. There have been many great and wise men with a raised spiritual consciousness. However, they have most often been put on a pedestal instead of trying to emulate their lives. They came down to show the wise ways of living, show you your inner core of light and love, but you closed your eyes to yourselves and saw only what was outside of you. You are all great and wise men and women if you dare to look into your inside to find the core of light that shines there.

Many are drawn to the light and seek inside in order to find their inner source of light. It is this that makes us live in an historic time. It is has we have previously said that only a small bushel of light can transform a large skip to a light star. This can give you a premonition of what is happening in your world today. The light is yet again starting to take shape in the hearts of humans and their world can no longer remain the same – not in the inner world nor in the outer world. Dear Humanity, it is you who retransform your world today. It is a great and beautiful event and it is happening now….

I give my gratitude and send you much love.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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