Love is our new reality

Sananda via Beatrice Madsen, September 9th, 2018


September 9th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

The Great Creator wanted to have the experience of how it is to be human. The Great Creator wanted to have the experience with the help of the highest possible vibration, intention and with the all encompassing power of love.

So I was born to you, to embrace you in light, in a total understanding in a quest to help you out of the lower vibrations to a new light and secure future, where we can meet without violence, without suffering and illnesses, without judgment, without wrongdoings and false agendas.

I received the great experience to be human. In the life I lived I went through everything, all that a human can feel and experience. I went through this in order to have a total understanding of how it is to be YOU.

I see you dearest human. I see how you battle. I see how you try to choose the loving way but do not always succeed. I see you cry in hiding when you think nobody can see you. I see how you judge yourself because you think you have not succeeded with being sufficiently loving towards your neighbor, in some work or study task, in some food dish that you hoped would be fantastic or in a purchase that went wrong.

Know dear humans that I love you exactly the way you are – in your failures, in your imperfection, in your quest to do good but it became wrong. I love you in that you are human, without hesitation, without any requirements placed on you what so ever. Imagine if you could understand how large my love for YOU is. It goes beyond your whole perception and that is just as well.

I wish for you to stop for a second and just look around you in your newborn world. Stop and see now the more clear colors. Breathe in the morning’s humid fresh scent, and feel what it gives you – Mother Earth’s clean decomposing earth, leaves that drop from their branches in order to be enriched and meld with her and look forward to their rest in order to be reborn next spring. A sound of a child who cries or laughs or a crow who lifts up with the beat of its powerful wings. Stop with your chasing of time, with your attempts to fit in and do the right thing in order to be part of the gang. When you stop, breathe in and see the world and experience it without judgments – I am then there and I am there right in the middle of your breathe and enjoy Mother Earth with you, the air, the sun, the rain and everything that is just as it is.

Know that when I see you I see all of you, each nook and cranny. It is not possible to hide anything from me. I work with you and with what you wish to improve and make more light filled. Each time a human receives an insight, a deeper understanding of him or herself and the world around I utter a jubilation and rejoice in the light that I specifically can see that it creates. When then later falls back in the old darkness I am also there and receive you in your fall, as a Mother and a Father. I surround you with light and love and carry you through your difficult moments, your dark waters, storms and catastrophes.

We are all the time reborn, you and I – You in me and I in You. Know that all is as it should be and nothing is lost. The new Earth is born. There is no return. When you see the chaos flourish smile with me and create the new world. Smile inside, since you know that the light is victorious and all is as it should be.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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