Sananda via Jeanette Svärdby, August 16th, 2018

Message from Sananda received at a Lightworker meeting in

Gothenburg Sweden on August 16th, 2018

Channel: Jeanette Svärdby



It is with great joy that I welcome you in this moment my dear friends. I am Sananda who is with you. I make myself heard through this channel today.

As you can feel my friends it is an enormously intensive period, the time that has been and the time that is. It is an enormously intensive time of high energies that affect your bodies and your systems in very deep layers and deep healing takes place.

Lower vibrating energies that you no longer can hold in your bodies and in your systems are transformed and you can notice this physically in many different ways. Your bodies might be sore, you might feel incredibly tired during this time that is. You might feel confused by everything that is washing around within you emotionally, but also thoughts that start to circulate in your head and you try to understand what it is that is happening, why you forget, why you react and so on.

Everything is just as it should be in this moment – know this. What is important is that you take moments of stillness for yourselves and develop this connection more and more. In the stillness you regain your balance, if you have fallen off balance, you regain your calm.

Open up the inner dialogue with the obstacle and let it become stronger as if developing an acquaintance, but with yourselves and because you yourself is expanding your consciousness it becomes as if you get to know yourselves again and again.

It has been and is a very intensive period, as I mentioned. Many of you might have the experience that you do not recognize yourselves. There is so much that has happened to you at many different levels. You take in so much light into your bodies. Everything needs to land into your systems as it is new programming, one could say, that is needed into your whole systems – to become one with the new level of yourselves.

This intensive energy that affects you will continue, as you understand. In periods it is stronger and then you get a reprieve before the next inflow comes and washes through your whole system. This is also so around your whole planet as a whole.

Much of your old original programming that is in your cells, in your systems, wake up more and more for you – in this there is knowledge that you carry deeply within you.

I have said it before through this channel and through other channels that when you wake up with a thought that you know something that you before did not think you could do – go into your heart and into your innermost parts and seek out the truth. Have trust in what you know and in what you feel. Have trust in your own ability.

The enormous strain that you bodies are enduring creates a need for you to rest – give yourselves rest my dear friends. Give yourself love through rest without judgment, without hard thoughts, bad conscience. You know what you need.

Do not listen to the old thoughts of performance, which you have carried during such a long time. These thoughts of performance are heavy in the collective energy. In any case give yourselves peace and rest so that you can take in more light and let the process continue, the one you are in.

By waking up more and more into your consciousness you get access to more and more information. Also here, have trust in what you hear, see and feel by first seeking out the truth within you. You know what is your truth.

There is much going on in the collective energy field, big shifts are taking place and here I want to say that by standing in your light you contribute to the shift in the energy field – in the collective energy.

You have felt the turbulent energy within you and some of you have wondered and felt as if nothing is happening anyways, as if something is just standing still in an in-breath. There is so much going on dear friends, far beyond your wildest imagination, which you cannot understand today.

The collective energy is on its way to reach a large shift, a big step. Much has been transformed and many who work hard with the collective energy are going through great strains in their bodies and their systems.

We can see that many have a difficult time today. There are many who wake up who have not been awake. And here I want to tell you that you who are awake stand in your light for those who come to you for support, help and love. Know then that you are the right one for them. You carry the knowledge and power that precisely this person needs.

Much is happening all over the world and there are great shifts also here, but nothing that can be seen by the people. However, the pressure is strong and humanity will soon hear more and more…as it is approaching the point where it is no longer possible to hold back the information that is due out to humanity. It has been hidden for much too long.

Some will be visible in the media. Also here I want to talk about the truth – that you seek the truth within you. What you hear, see, feel and get to hear from your surroundings – seek your truth.

Some truths that are let out for humanity to share in are not pretty, are not deeds of love. However, they are truths that no longer can be hidden as the energy has reached the height that these lower energies no longer can be held back.

Whatever your reaction is stand in your light, in your love for all that is. By doing so you hold the light high and strong. It is important during this course of events as it is not pretty truths that will emerge to the public.

Be in your beautiful hearts, stand in your light, be the love you are at this moment. Grand disclosures are on the way for humanity to share in. Strong feelings might result also here. You understand the importance of you light bearers standing in your light without judgment – be in the love that you are and let the light find its place again.

The power that has been has kept you in old patterns, old imprints and old belief systems. The time of change is now. Let old systems fall off more so that the new can be built up and find its place.

The importance that you stand in your light at this time is incredibly high, as you carry your light. The more you love and accept yourself the more light you are, the higher the energy becomes within you – everything in a beautiful act of love.


I ask you now dear friends that you close your eyes and take some deep breaths. For each breath you take you anchor yourself more and more in your heart.

You let the energy from your heart stream down and become anchored in Mother Earth. You are connected with Mother-Father God, the original force All That Is.

You stand in your ray of light. You feel the light within your heart expand. Warmth is filling you, and love and light.


You imagine that you have come to the point where you have chosen to bring in more ease. Invite the ease in your life. You know how it is to do battle, to suffer, to live in lack. You know this… You have done it each one of you.

Feel inside you the longing for freedom.. is it there?

Allow yourself to live in freedom, to be free as a human, free from ties, from old belief systems, from old thoughts, from old acting, what have served out its right.

Say yes to freedom, to love, to the ease in unity.

By working with your breathing you can liberate yourselves more and more in this moment from the lower energies that it now is time for you to be freed from and take in the light codes that are transmitted to you in this now. To wake up more and more to whom you are and what you are and in trust be led by your inner guidance forward one step at a time in love, ease and unity.

We thank you for this moment and the beautiful work you have done and we leave you in joy, love and ease.

We are with you in each moment friends. Thank you.



Thank you Sananda!


Thank you Jeanette!




Transcribed to Swedish: Ulla



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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