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Sananda via Daughter of Terra, January 4, 2020

Sananda via Daughter of Terra | January 4, 2020

January 4, 2020

I am Sananda, blessed ones of the light, this New Year offers onto you those opportunities that you have long since desired. The attainment of these opportunities rest solely in your ability to believe in all that you are capable of being. Not becoming…because in truth you already are it. It is only covered up with all the stories and false beliefs that you have come to believe about yourself. As you release these false beliefs you will come to know this as a reality and not as something you are just coming to understand through mere words or another belief system. In truth you have all come here to be a part of what is to unfold. What is to unfold, not what may unfold; but what will unfold. By now you are learning your influence in all things around you. From a single blade of grass to the people you walk with. All are one. And as you heal and as you release you will come to know that which always was and always will be. As you continue to surrender to this knowing; you will move gracefully into unconditional love, and divine unions of light and love. Open up…the Kingdom awaits your arrival. In light and in love I offer these remarks. I am Sananda, and I remind you that you are one with all that is for there is naught but God and light. It is only a belief that this is not the case. What wonders are to ye to be behold when this belief in separation is dropped, and love is picked up. What a wonderful world this will be!

In love and in gratitude, I Am and too are ye.

I am Daughter of Terra