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Sananda via Fran Zepeda, September 13

Message from Yeshua: The Deep Expansion of Your Divine Energy ~ Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ September 13, 2015

Hello and Blessings, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. I come before you to bring you guidance for your further expansion.

The deep expansion of your divine energy is becoming quite evident to many of you as you enter yet another more intensive Gateway with the Eclipses and Equinox and Blood Moon energies. The time is nigh for you to be much more cognizant and aware of your expansion, and with this awareness brings even more expansion.

It is time to be much more comfortable with your own divine energy, your unique energy as it expands, for in it is foretold of your further coming together of your unique Divine Self, comfortable in your own right.

For it is important to cease being so concerned with comparing yourself to other’s development and bring a concentrated focus on your own development, your beautiful and unique development and expansion of your own consciousness.

For behold, it is important not only for your sake and evolvement and ascension, but for all others, for it builds and consolidates the Oneness in all its glory.

I come to you now with great Unconditional Love for you All, and encouragement to keep your focus on your own expansion of your Divine Self. It is a beautiful thing. It is composite of your Divine Purpose and of Divine Will.

You are beginning to see the bigger picture of your long arduous journey of rise in consciousness. It has not been easy. You are, however, beginning to fathom the deep transformation you have attained through all your clearing and your blending with your Higher Self, your Divine Self, your I AM Presence, as a gateway for all others to do the same.

For in your maiden journey begun so long ago, you, like myself, in my own incarnation more than 2000 years ago, are bringing the Light to bear throughout all Humanity. And it has spread farther than you can even imagine.

The key now in perpetuating this Light, your journey of ascension, and the ascension of all, is the focus on your own individual expansion of your divine energy as a precursor to the expansion of All into the diverse yet complete and whole Oneness of BEing. It is time to explore at a deeper level your connection with Creator and Source energy from the Core of your Being, your Heart Center, which now has a deeper and wider connection with Source through the portals opening wider and wider for you to enter.

On the other side of that is a new vista which you are beginning to glimpse, that is Freedom and Expansion and Clarity beyond any degree of which you have once experienced it.

In this, Creation becomes much more readily available to you, for you are dissolving the barriers of Illusion and coming face-to-face with your own vast divine knowledge and abilities, being tapped now at a greater level than before.

It is thus becoming much easier for you to embrace your unique abilities that are becoming more evident to you and are needed for the World and Universe and Multiverse to expand further. You see, these abilities that you are discovering, or rediscovering, are not just something you can play with, and enjoy, be aware of, and be in awe of, which you hopefully are, but also they are part and parcel of the bigger picture of Oneness and fills out the greater picture of All-That-Is. It expands further the Collective Consciousness and prepares for greater Miracles of Grace.

For in your greater individual expansion, in your greater connection with Source, is the greater expansion of All-That-Is, bringing Divine Freedom and Clarity to your Purpose. You can thus ‘play’ upon the ‘stage’ of expanding Divine Love and Peace, made much more available in your individual rise in consciousness and expansion.

For you can now access the higher vibrations and dimensions with more ease, paving the way for Divine Peace and Love to reign in consistent Divine Unity.

And this is a beautiful thing, my dear brothers and sisters. You are to be commended for persistently indulging in your own expansion, even though at times it feels like you hit against ‘walls’. But do you not also find that with each ‘Wall’ you hit, that within it is the material to dissolve it, made manifest with your very consciousness and awareness of the ‘wall’ and subsequent further deeper delving within your Divine Essence as a result of and solution for them?

Expansion can be free-flowing as long as you see these seeming ‘walls’ as only reminders of yet another portal to your expanded consciousness. It merely takes acceptance and facing whatever the obstacle is, with the faith and knowing that on the other side of it is Freedom and Expansion and ‘aha’ moments of Clarity.

So my beloveds, continue on with your expansion and take heed of my encouragement to continue with the energy and quality and aspect of Divine Grace* that you all are.

The Infinite quality of your Being is manifest here now as you explore it more fully by spending more time exploring the still quiet space of your Soul, ever-expanding your awareness of its Infinite Divine nature. The ‘sky is the limit’, dear ones. You never stop expanding, and with that is the sweet knowing of Peace and Joy and Bliss that you are becoming ALL That You ARE!

I am always at your side in Peace, Love and Eternal Bliss,

Your loving brother, Yeshua

*Mother Mary expands on Divine Grace Here:httpss://

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