Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, April 20th

This is ‘Sananda”. Yes, it was possible that there would be another guest here this evening but alas; you are stuck with me at this time. That is not to say that you will not have others speaking with you in times to come in this manner and in many other ways as well.

There are so many sources we are working with right now to bring through so many messages because this is an immense time that you are moving into. You have been moving into this for some great time here but the moments you are getting ready for now is a culmination of all that you have been building toward.

Back in your December of 2012 you expected much. You have been expecting much for the past several years here as well. Those times are nearly upon you. This is the “crescendo” I spoke of some time ago. We may have been a little premature at that time but all of these messages are meant to prepare you, to get you ready. To enable you to be in a position that not only will you be ready, yourselves, you will be in a position where you can assist many others.

That is what this all has been about for the Lightworkers, the Light Warriors. This is your time. Your moment. You have been working for this and preparing for this. Those times that you have been preparing for so that when they do transpire you will be in a position to assist others. Those times that you have been waiting for are very close indeed.

You have heard from our brother, Archangel Michael, who spoke through another source. He spoke about the Waves and about the third Wave coming this summer, 2016. And when this third Wave comes, those who are not part of the third Wave will not be a part of the continuing evolution that is happening on this planet. That is for certain. They cannot be in the frequency that is going to be on this planet very shortly.

You have been preparing and acclimating yourselves to these energies for some time. It is not always so comfortable to be in these energies, you know. You have many of what you call Ascension Symptoms but you are making it through.

Think about all of those who have not been acclimating to those energies. They will not be able to understand or deal with this greater portion when it comes this summer. So you are going to experience a great deal of new energies coming. So, you will be experiencing those energies and those that have not been working through this are going to have the most difficult time with this.

That is not to say that there is anything to be fearful of for it is exactly the opposite for those of you. It is the time you have been working for. Not only in this last lifetime or that past few years, but for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. That moment is near now!

So, be ready, my brothers and my sisters because all is about to shift in these next few weeks, these next couple of months here. You will find that you will easily move along in the mission that you came here for. We have spoken about this many times. These missions are yours. This is what you came to do. This is what you are all about!

So, allow yourselves to be in the present moment and work with these energies, work with the Love for the Love is moving throughout the planet. As we have said, nothing can stop it now. The Cabal has reached its limits. They still try to hold things back but they know that they are working at a losing cause. Many of the lower minions, the lower levels of the Cabal have begun to move into the light. Move back toward the light because they know also that it is a losing effort. They have chosen to switch sides, you might say. There are no sides here. There is only the idea of Divinity, Divine Plan and Divine Order here.

That is all for me this night. Next time we are all together we will likely have my brother, St. Germain joining us. We may have another too. It will be time to bring out new messages for the energy is rising and it will be good to have some new understanding. My dear consort, Lady Nada, has shared with this group that there is a major happening within the next two weeks and will be in your news. That is very rapidly approaching as well.

I leave you with my peace and love. Please know that you are never alone. We are always with you.