Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, April 23d

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your hearts, dear ones, are filled with desires from the Divine. You often ask yourselves, “Is what I want OK? Is what I want in life in my highest good? Is what I want in life going to hurt anyone else?” If your desires are pure, coming from the heart, without agenda, without purpose other than the sheer desire to have an experience… then dear ones they come from God. If however, your desires are there because you think they will help you achieve something else, then drop into the heart once again and go deeper.

For example, most of you say you want money. In truth however, you could sit in a warehouse filled with money and it would not make you happy. You could have bank accounts filled with money and this would not mean your dreams would be fulfilled. Instead your deeper, truer desires are for what you can do with the money. Perhaps you wish to experience a house, a vacation, a sense of peace and security. Those are your pure desires. Those are the things and situations that the Divine wishes for you.

Instead of asking and praying for the money, ask and pray for what you truly desire. Focus upon it with expectation, joy, and a sense of wonder… as in “I wonder how this will come into my life! I know since the Divine has planted the seeds of desire in my heart, that all the means, resources, etc., to bring this to me will be provided. I know I will have to grow along the way but I joyfully surrender to the journey!” Then dear ones, embrace the journey with all your hearts! Know that everything along your path is a perfect stepping-stone along the way to your dream, whether it seems related or not. Apparent setbacks, are only lessons to be learned so you can truly believe in and enjoy your creations. Doubts arise, so as to be banished with faith. The appearance of lack, allows you to search with gratitude for the great good that is already there!

Once you have set the proverbial “wheels” in motion for your creation, expect it will come, in the right time and the right way, and then immerse yourself in a glorious experience of living, right here and right now! We have said this so many times…

Do not put off your happiness waiting for something in the future. Choose joy now and anticipate more later. In this space your soul spirals outward.

Do not push away the love that is present for you now, because you want more later. Choose to see the love that is all around you in each moment. Choose to be loving. In that space you cannot help but attract more love.

Do not invalidate the abundance you already have, because you do not yet feel it is enough. Choose to give thanks for every blessing in your life and in that space of gratitude you will attract more.

Dear ones, the pure desires in your heart are there to help you grow, to help you find more of what you seek right here and right now. You will know you are embracing the moment with love when each moment becomes more magical. If you see lack now, you will see more later. If you see the fullness of your life in each moment, it cannot help but fill your heart in an ever expanding spiral of goodness.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels