Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, April 23d

Mother Mary

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I wish to speak a bit with you today. The Earth is advancing towards its completion and the joy can be felt in every living person on Earth today. My heart is full of joy and love for all my children on Earth today. We are now ascending together and it is a joy and a delight shared with all in the Universe today. The Sun shines gracefully on Earth and lets all its light penetrate everything that allows it to do so, deep into its most distant core. Everything is waking up and looks around in amazement. It both feels and looks differently, as if a new world of Light has opened up and now bids us to enter. This truth has opened up for you dear children. You have it already in your hearts. Your eyes are shining its light. Do not be afraid to open the door wide, it is intended that you shall enter this world now. Everything is there for you now, everything that your heart wished and longs for. Do not look back, that which was is gone and is no more. It is the new that you shall welcome and embrace. This is where your steps will lead you now. Everything that was done is done, everything that is to be done will be done here and now. You are building the new world now with your intentions and visions. Your thoughts and goals are manifesting now in the reality you live in. The distance between thought and manifestation is not large today, so take care of your thoughts and yourselves. Think and envision that which is best for you and your life today. Tomorrow it can be knocking on your door, was it your dream that was fulfilled or was it something else that came up and first needed to be worked on. You are better off forgiving all old disputes and let them sail away. Negativity cannot come with you on this journey and can at worst hold you back from the bright road that you are now intended to walk on. Ask for help to let go of all negativity and the help will be at your door knocking. Let it in and let it do its job. It provides joy both to them and yourselves. All your guides, power animals and beings do not wish for anything else than to help you now. They also help themselves since we are all One. Many of your guides are also family members that wish to see you cross the finish line to world of Light that stand at the door. Take the opportunity now dear children and throw out the last trash and hurry in to the world of Light that is now open and waiting for you. Feel it deeply inside yourselves and know it is worth all the work required to get there.

You are now many who work for the same thing and you give each other assistance by dissolving some darkness together. Many of you have similar experiences so that when you dissolve something negative you also help others to dissolve similar things and vice versa. This occurs all over the Earth now. Much negativity has come up that is in the process of dissolving and disappearing. The hard part is done dear children, there is not much left now. You have survived the storm and there are only a few rain clouds left. They are also about to disappear and the New Earth is on its way to manifest in your reality today. This is why it can feel intense, full with work, interrupted by a peaceful calm and serene joy. This will transform to a strong calm joy that your body now has a hard time holding more than for a few moments. Your bodies are changing at a surprising speed, so be proud and take good care of them. They long for the light and will absorb as much as they can and are able to, depending on which condition they are in. In any case you can all follow the road of the Light regardless of which state your body is in. You just need to receive the Light and the Light and the body will find its way to manifest in the New Reality of Light.

With this I bid farewell and send my deepest greetings of Love to you all.

Mother Mary



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan

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