Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, August 6th, 2017


I AM Sananda. Although I did not announce myself to this one, James, I Am here.

And I Am here as each time to bring you closer and closer to all that you know within your selves; to help you to remember who you are. For this is what this entire process is all about; this entire ascension process.

The transition that you are moving through is all about remembering. Remembering where you come from and who you are in the process. Remembering that you are the light, you are the oneness, you are the Source within you just as I Am the Source within me. All of us are the Source together.

There is nothing separate from the Source. Your minds still yet being programmed in many ways pull themselves away from the Source, unknowing most of the time, yet feeling that sense of separation in certain moments where you feel you are not loved; where you feel there is no hope; where you feel there is nothing changing. But yet I tell you as Sananda, as the one who has brought you here, many of you here, I tell you that everything is changing: changing within yourselves and changing outside of yourself. Because as you change within yourself you change everything outside of yourself as well.

As you change, another one changes next to you. And as that one changes another next to them and so on and so one. And as you begin to spread the light the light spreads to the next one and to the next one and to the next one. And soon all feel the light. All experience the light within them.

And even those deepest levels of darkness become illumined by the light. And as they become illumined by the light, if they are not ready for this they have a difficult time with these energies, these energies that you are acclimating to, that you are feeling the changes.

You are feeling the consciousness shift that is happening both within you and within the collective consciousness of man. For you are the collective consciousness of man and the collective consciousness of man is you. This is what you have to come to understand: that you are your brother and your sister. And your brother and sister are you as well. You are all in this together, my friends, all of us. No one is at a higher level than anyone else. Please come to understand this as well. Even though I may vibrate at a higher level than you, I may experience at a higher level than you, at this time my consciousness may be at a higher level, I am no better or worse than you in any respect. All of those of my brothers and sisters all the ones that you revere as the Company of Heaven: Archangel Michael, St. Germain, Ashtar, Sanat Kumara, and on and on, Lady Nada certainly, Lady Portia, on and on with all. We all know that although we appear to be in a higher level of consciousness it does not mean that we are. You do not yet remember who you are, who you have been. As those memories come back all of this will begin to make complete sense to you.

When you begin to look at the idea that there are no accidents and everything is being orchestrated, then you will come to fully understand.

I AM Sananda. I so enjoy these times I can be with you. And as all of us are saying we are all looking forward to times when we can be more personally with you, for you are aware of us as much as we are aware of you.

All of my peace and love be with you.


» Source 1Source 2 – Channel: James McConell – “Believing is seeing!”