Sananda via James McConnell, February 5th, 2017

I AM Sananda. I am with you now to continue the process that has begun long ago. To continue to work with you in all the different ways that we have been doing. To bring you messages often we bring you light, we bring you love, we bring you what you’ve called downloads of your DNA. We are doing all of these things but as we all say many times it is you, you are the ones that are doing it. We are just the catalyst. We are just the ones that are standing by able to assist but without you there would be no ascension. Without you there would be no shift in consciousness, collective shift in consciousness. For we are here to assist, all of us – Galactics, those of us from the New Jerusalem, from all of the many ships, Ashtar, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, all of the Archangels, all of those that hail from beneath the Earth in the Agarthan realms, Telos, all of the many civilizations that have been here for eons of time, and out there for even longer — are all here now to assist, to help to bring this about and continue to acclimate you to the energies. You, those of you that are listening at this time now or at a later time, all of you are the ones we are reaching out to. We are preparing you.

Many of you came with me a long time ago known as the 144,000. Many of you are here now today. Back then you came to assist an evolution. Many of you became trapped in this evolution. Now it is time to move out of the illusion. Now it is time to take up the mantle once again of who you are, what you came here to do. You all, each and every one of you have a mission.

Each and every one of you volunteered to be here to be a part of this mission. But each one has your own individual mission — no greater no smaller than another — but collectively all is required to make this happen, to bring this about. Even those that have no idea of missions, of what they are here for at this point yet, have not yet awakened, even those have a place, have a part in this great play that is very near to being completed. Your mission is about to unfold for many of you. You will be receiving within your dream state, within your wakening state, guidance help from your Higher Self and from those of us that mentor to you. One day you will be going about your daily activities and you will feel a whisper, hear a whisper come in saying now is the time. Many of you have already heard this before: ‘now is the time,’ like an alarm clock going off within you to awaken you, to bring you out of your slumber, out of your sleep into an awakening state, an awakening state that will assist and help all others to awaken. All that are ready. This is what you are here for. This is your mission.

And I tell you now as Sananda that it is nigh. You are about to experience many shifts, many changes. Beginning with those changes that are going to appear even yes in the external world. Many changes are happening within you and you continue to wonder why aren’t they happening outside of me? Why aren’t they happening externally? We continue to tell you they are and that it is behind the scenes. Well what is not going to be behind the scenes too much longer there are going to be several arrests that are going to occur. We do not like to speak in these terms often but it is necessary to move those who are not ready to move into the light, at this point, to move them out. Because they have been interfering. Their time is over. Your time is beginning.

I as Sananda say this with all seriousness for this is a very auspicious time that you are entering now. A time that you are going to remember for a long time yet to come. You are going to look back on these next days, weeks and even months and you’re going to look back and remember when it all began.

We have a window of opportunity that is open at this moment which concludes with the end of this month, the end of February. That is not to say the Event is going to happen in that time period but it is to say that it is a window, a window that creates opportunity, a window that creates probability. And you are in that window now. Much can occur in this time period because the frequency has risen greatly. It is the frequency that is going to bring this about; not time.

In the very near future as we continue this program — and this is a program; make no mistake about it — as we continue this program you will find yourselves more and more knowing, remembering who you are and what you are here to do. And will be ready to be assisted by us in whatever way is needed at that time.

I Am Sananda. All of my love and peace and harmony and joy all go with you now. Open your eyes. Open your ears. For it is all there now right in front of you.

Peace and love be with all of you.