“Warm Up” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – February 10, 2017


“Warm Up” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – Friday – February 10, 2017

Received via email at 11:11 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

If you feel like you are in a fight for your country, in truth, you’re not.

Everything is playing out 100% on schedule because it’s 100% scripted. So save the drama for a later date.

As there’s a known and calculated outcome to all the current controversies by NPTB master plan strategists.

The Trump’s presidency, while disturbing, has meaningful structural purpose as it relates to the Republic’s roll out, although temporary.

Confusing times to be sure.

You see, Clinton’s November defeat was the Republic’s coming out party–no doubt– but not the end all be all.

Trump’s upcoming removal this spring will, however, be the Republic’s full public showcase of what is to come in terms of implementing GESARA.

Now we know why both Presidential candidates were so toxic, dirty and arrogant beyond the everyday citizen’s comprehension. So they could discarded at a later date. A warm up comic if you will for the main act.

This was done by design, as both candidates had to be fully compromised; thus each was able to be controlled by the NPTB, always knowing they could be removed whenever the time was right.

Even the MSM pre-election was on board to help secure their own corporations future amnesty, playing along with hard liberal or conservative viewpoints per normal–but not going too far as to upset the result the NPTB desired to implement the Republic properly. And if they didn’t play along, their networks would be terminated, simple as that.

Funny how no MSM outlet reported on the depth or scope of Trump’s sins, yet this was also by design because having a Republican candidate win the White House made restoring the Republic government much easier.

Not so easy though as Trump’s sins were brutal, well known and very public:


Yet because the NPTB wanted Clinton to lose, they did in fact expose many of her sins before Election Day. But they held the really juicy stuff back (Clinton Foundation) just in case she had won.

What you’re starting to see now are the public’ pitchforks coming out in the form of protests and complaints to elected or appointed Federal officials.

Again, this all by design and expected.

Everything is on schedule for the second transition into our Republic government, they are just easing the population into the new reality or expanding our collective consciousness.

Trump was just the warm up for what’s really coming in terms of revealing GESARA’s changes.


Treasury Secretary nominee Mnuchin’s confirmation means little to the RV, as there was already a new Treasury Secretary sworn in right after the election.



Trump is non factor in the RV for reasons stated above. They let him watch cable news in the evening and order room service when Pence and Priebus are done telling him what to do during the day.

If you still believe Trump has true significance as President, just notice how Pence is involved and present at every executive order signing and swearing in ceremony.

That’s highly irregular as usually the Vice President and President are rarely if ever in the same room together (in case of attack) let alone sharing camera time.


General Dunford has the green light for all decision making as it relates to the RV. Period.

As it’s Dunford who sole responsibility to deliver these sweeping economic changes to our nation safely, per the Chinese Elders.

Quite a task, and why Dunford brought in General Mattis to oversee his active service duties as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs while he oversaw the delivery of the RV.


Timing for the RV’s delivery has been very elusive and multiple psy-ops campaigns continue to play on internet media and private blogosphere.

Confusion is the goal. And they have done great work thus far. However, it’s becoming clearer to all observers that the strike time is upon us now due to several overriding factors visible for said RV performance.

Dinar exchange training at the local retail bank branch level is one. As the overwhelmingly vast majority of currency holders own IQD.

Mobilization of additional security forces and movement on military bases in preparation of the RV event. Even soldiers have family members excited to exchange and they talk despite Dunford’s best code of silence efforts.

Political jockeying for position when the RV hits, as all politicians are grabbing as much camera time as they can, especially Democrats, who need an infusion of money to be relevant in the 2018 mid-term elections. They know full well Trump will be gone soon, and unprecedented peace and prosperity will be restored and credited to the GOP.

Understanding all these public factors, plus knowing HSBC is currently buying up as many wealth management firms in North America willing to sell, leads us to the logical conclusion that the RV train has already pulled into the station, and will soon be in-taking passengers with lots of currency and big dreams.