Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, June 3d, 2018

Lord Sananda   

I AM your Sananda.

And I thank you for this opportunity to share this meditation with you.

Yes it is a meditation that you have done before, many of you. But it is important in this time, in these moments to be able to know that you have this Merkaba vehicle. Those of you that did not experience this before and this is your first time, you now have it. It is real. And the more you utilize it, the more you work with it, the more real it shall become.

And the importance of this now cannot be understated because you will receive, many of you will begin to receive some type of assailing. This is not to bring fear. This is to bring preparation. This is to prepare you for what can possibly occur because those of the dark forces are not fully at bay yet. They have one or two more final grasps at holding onto their life, holding on to what they have always known. And they are grasping now at whatever they can to hold the status quo.

But as you all know, that status quo, that three-dimensional illusion is fading away faster and faster each and every day, each and every moment. There is nothing they can do to hold that back. But they still attempt to hold back your ascension and will do whatever they can to do so.

And they are reaching now, reaching for those that are of higher light, that are those that are anchoring the light. They are reaching out to those now to attempt to dissuade them, to hold them back from sharing that light with others.

Those of you, the Warriors of Light, you are the ones that they will be targeting. Not in a way to bring fear but again a way to prepare. And when you have this force field or other force fields that you create with crystals, that you create with the Violet Flame, whatever it is that you have learned to do or that you remember how to do, it is time now for you to begin to do so.

Even those — they do not have to be the dark forces. They can be simply those in your lives, those in your present circumstances that tend to trigger those various emotions — to bring those back, not so much from this lifetime but bring back the patterns from lifetimes past. These force fields will also protect you from that. But you must use it.

And you must do as you heard earlier, get above your selves. Get above your selves. See your selves as we see you. Know your selves as we know you. And we do know you my friends, my brothers, my sisters. We know you well. And you know us well also for we are all in this together, have always been, are now, and always will be. We are a family. You are a family in your Ancient Awakenings and we are a family together. And together we are all moving forth now. We are bringing back the light. We are spreading the light, sharing the light everywhere. Sharing the love. Spreading the consciousness. Raising the vibrations. And all coming back to the One which you have always been.

It is time now, dear friends, it is time to move ahead. It is time to move ahead with your various missions that you have come to realize. Many of you have come to realize those missions or are in the beginning stages of doing so. And it is not one purpose that you have in your lives. It is many purposes. And those purposes change with every thought that you have in your lives. And the more that your thoughts create a certain purpose, a certain targeted purpose, then that purpose will be revealed and will become that which you will then move toward in a targeted, focused manner.

So find yourselves now my friends. Find yourselves. Know thyself. Because you, each and every one of you are everything and nothing all at once.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

I, as Sananda, continue to stand beside you just as I have stood beside you from the beginnings. And together we will move into this new Golden Age and bring about this amazing ascension process to all that are ready for it.


Channeled by James McConnell

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