Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, March 6th


This is Sananda. It is good to be with you here again in this way that I and all of my brethren can reach out to so many of you and we can share our messages. And what an auspicious time you have entered. It is a time now that you have waited for – for many, many, many lifetimes, many eons of time have passed in bringing us all to this one moment. And this is the moment my dear friends, my brothers and sisters, this is the moment where you are reaching the proverbial finish line that we have been speaking of. You are nearing it, many of you have reached it and are about to cross it. There are others that are straggling behind, yes of course, and I have spoken of this directly several times now but the finish line is there. This is that time.

I’m going to give you an analogy now, an analogy to help you understand what is happening and why the delays that are going on. It is as if you are witnessing an airport and there are many planes flying above this airport, many at different levels flying above. And there is the controller, the traffic controller, sitting in the tower. And the traffic controller is not able to allow the planes to land so the planes continue to circle around and around and around until they are given the go-ahead, until they’re given the signal that they can begin to land. And that signal has not yet come but they are waiting, they are waiting in anticipation because they know the moment is at hand when they will be able to land their planes. Now this of course, this analogy here, is occurring at the higher levels and even at your level here now, your three dimensional world. Because these lower planes would be akin to the various dominoes that we have been speaking of, the dominoes that would begin to fall. And as the first plane lands the dominoes will begin to fall, the other planes will be able to begin to descend and to come down for a landing. And those planes at the higher levels those are the galactics in their ships that are circling around the earth waiting for the moment to be given that they also can come down and land.

Now you see that the one in the tower, I’m sure many of you have guessed, that is Prime Creator that is waiting to give the signal for all of the planes, for all of the dominoes to begin to fall. And fall they will as I have said many times and others have reiterated this – this can no longer be stopped. The cabal, the ones of the dark forces they continue to pull their various shenanigans in an attempt to hold it off, delay here, delay there; but they can only do so much for so long a period of time. That time is reaching an end. They cannot continue to delay this process that is pushing ahead, that is pushing ahead so hard that they can no longer hold it back. It is as if an avalanche is coming and they are trying to hold the avalanche back with their hands. How impossible would that be? But yet they believe that they can, they believe they can hold it back just as they have been doing; so they continue to do those same things that always worked for them in the past. But they are realizing now that all of those that they have been attempting to control, that they can no longer control. You, all of you, are saying “enough is enough”. Prime Creator has said “enough is enough” and it will not be allowed to continue.

The Prime Directive is certainly still at large, it is still at hand, and cannot be changed. But it can be altered when the need arises and that need has arisen. The need for the Prime Directive to be altered has been given and it is being prepared at this very moment. You hear about celebrations, there are many celebrations that are being planned for you and the time for those celebrations is at hand. You have heard this from Ashtar, you have heard this from St. Germain, you have heard this from myself Sananda from other sources, you have heard this many times that the celebrations are at hand and we are only waiting now for that signal to be given so that the planes can begin to land so that the dominoes can begin to fall. And once they begin to fall all of your dreams and aspirations, all of your wildest imaginations are going to be realized.

We know that this is difficult for many to continue to hear these words and continue to have hope, to continue to believe that. We continue to say believe it and you will see it. There is nothing now that can hold it back. It is only a matter of moments, it is only a matter of frequency. Once the frequency has reached that optimum level in the frequency across the entire planet is shifting, it is changing. The Schumann resonance is rising. All of this is increasing and it is having the effect of consciousness spreading across the planet, a consciousness of love, a consciousness of understanding, a consciousness of oneness and, my dear brothers and sisters, all is at hand. We are ready, we are ready to come and be with you more physically, to hold your hand, to hug wherever we are allowed to do so and we long for this time and this moment.

And we know that you, yourselves, that have been working at whatever you can do it, have been working diligently. And we ask you now, in these last moments, we ask you now to move ahead with whatever you have been guided to do. Now is the time to move ahead and begin the process. Now is the time to begin to move ahead and begin your missions. And your missions are there in front of you — you only need to but ask and they will be provided to you. You already know them at the deeper levels of your being and it is only time now for the resolution, or the remembrance, to fully come into you that you can more fully move ahead and begin your missions. Or, for many of you, to continue those missions you have already begun. But again I am asking you sit back no longer, move ahead, do whatever it is you came to do because this is your moment, this is your time. I am Sananda. I have always been with you and I will always be with you. You are my very life itself. I breathe through you and you breathe through me. We all breathe the I AM consciousness within us. Peace and love be with all of you. (Thank you, thank you).