Sananda via Jenny Schlitz, December 29th

Merging with your Highest Aspect – Sananda – Galactic White Brotherhood


We come to you today with important information regarding this process and what is taking place energetically. The accumulation of energies  is pushing each person to raise their vibration and merge more completely with their soul source; their higher self. Every being on earth at this time is affected by this shift, all in varying degrees.  None are left out of these energetic changes, this includes the earth, the elemental kingdom, your plants and fauna,  as all beings have agreed to partake in this incredible journey of soul growth. How each of you is affected with depend upon the work that has been done previously.

At this time many of those previously unaware are beginning to feel the stirrings of discontent, of wanting more meaning and peace in their lives. It is during this stage that one may experience great disruptions in their life. For some this can be in the form of job loss, a relocation, relationship change, even the loss of loved ones. While this may be difficult for the person to understand, these changes are helping to remove all layers, belief systems and personas that were adopted while living on earth. All that is not in alignment with the authentic self must leave. It is through drastic changes that one begins to question all around them. How long this phase of growth lasts depends solely on the person and how easily one is able to let go off all resistance. Some are able to hear the slightest soul whispers and act on that impulse, others may need much more encouragement. Understand that there are no right or wrong ways for one to awaken. Each path, each choice is an experience that provides soul growth.  For those of you who are awakened, we are asking that you help lead your brothers and sisters, by being supportive and compassionate. This is a time in which healers in all forms will be greatly needed.

Some have already experienced drastic change in many areas of their life and are now on the path of incorporating all the aspects of their soul. Each person on earth has  aspects within of the elemental kingdom, the angelic realms, their guides and the masters. As one grows on this path they incorporate the aspects of each being that has helped them on their journey to self. Each aspects allows you to remember more of your divine nature and your magnificence as you return to source. This process for some is quite easy and for others it is difficult. It depends on how one is able to flow with changes and is able to release all that is not in alignment as you realize the full scope of your soul.  Identifying with only one aspect will not allow you to grasp the full potential of ALL THAT IS. Understand that you are all of these things and yet none, just as you are an individual, yet you are all ONE.

Others are merging the final aspects of their soul and in doing so are finding they no longer have the higher self outside of them, but firmly anchored within. It is during this phase that one becomes the master walking on earth. The soul will anchor in layers and emerge more and more as one understands and clears their patterns and all that is not in alignment. It is during this time that all that is previously understood and believed will be challenged. What was once believed as truth is no longer accurate. Each will be called to master their own thoughts and in turn their manifestation of the hologram around them. For some the integration of the higher self can be anxiety inducing as one must go within for guidance and trust all they are feeling instead of looking outside ones self. Never before has trust been as important as it is now. We are asking that these souls step into their leadership roles and help guide others through the energies.

All of these phases can be physically draining as the body is receiving upgrades to all the systems and releasing unwanted mental and physical density. For many the upgrades to the electrical system can cause flu-like symptoms. It is very important to stay hydrated at this time as a well hydrated body is able to handle the upgrades much easier. Sleep when called is also essential for the changes taking place. It has been agreed by all on a soul level that the light codes coming into earth will continue and each one will help move all  to their intended goal.

We are very pleased with the progress being made and like you, can feel the momentum building with much anticipation.

Your brother in light,



Personal conversation with Sananda:

Me: I had to laugh when you said that some hear the soul whispering and others need more encouragement. The past few weeks I feel like I have been in a life review, seeing where spirit urged me, guided me and where I ignored it for a long time. It was as if spirit whispered, then yelled, then hit me with a hammer and finally a sledge hammer till I screamed uncle and just let it all go.  For me the sledge hammer looked like major back surgeries, a summer in a nursing home, the loss of my career and then my farm. Yet, I can see now how much I learned through each cycle, how much more experience I gained and how I use it to help others.  So for that I am grateful.

Sananda:  You will find that the winding trail offers the greatest lessons and growth. For those who are being called upon to help others, which many of you are, it is actually essential to experience each level, each phase very deeply. One can not guide another unless they have a perspective that resonates within the one being helped.  

Many of you are hard on yourselves, you feel that you have failed in various ways. We ask you to stop seeing yourself in this manner, but instead see that you were gaining understanding of many human phases and conditions and how to move through them. Each of your perceived failures was in fact an experience you were meant to have and move beyond. 

Me: Thank you, that is very helpful.

Me: I was recently visited in a lucid dream state by my deceased grandmother. I was surprised as she only passed a couple of months ago. She told me that I was holding on to deep grief, anger, and abandonment issues from my grandfather passing right before I turned 9. She explained that I had to see it, acknowledge it and then let it go. That this deep held stuff, that I didn’t fully realize was there,  was hindering my embodying the soul. I was able to release so much after that and a deep peace settled over me.  It gave me the impression that it’s an all hands on deck situation, that we are getting so much help from every avenue.

Sananda: Yes, everyone is being guided and helped, most often in dream time which is why sleep is so important at this time. It allows one to integrate the energies but to also gain greater understanding of the limitations experienced from the human perspective and to release those. 

Me: Not everyone remembers their dreams or is able to see and hear other beings and dimensions. Some feel they are left out because they are not experiencing these things.

Sananda: Everyone is being helped, all at different levels and at the time that is appropriate for that soul. Many only perceive a fraction of what is taking place. It is fear that makes one judge themselves against another. From our perspective, each person’s journey is perfect as it is. 

I hope my questions and answers have helped you as they have me. I am holding all of you in the highest light and with the deepest love. May you all be blessed. Thank all of you who have shared and supported this work. It means more than you will ever know.





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