Love is our new reality

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The Ancient One via Solene, December 29th

A multi-dimensional bringer
Of a multi-dimensional sight
Bringing new found awareness

In this old struggle and fight

For newness is upon you
So gather here this day
Awareness is the grandest of gift

For you and yours to make a fit
For rightness of the spirit
To know its own path

To not be persuaded to live another’s wrath
To be new each day
With eyes that wander far

To bring the future placement
To collapse the fields for par
Bringing dimensions together forever

Makes newness grow this day
For sameness will only bring that
Held within is dismay

Fore grandness is held in dimensions
Your being has experienced these
So sit with dimensions close

As the friends upon your knee**
Gather them round
Professing your crown

To be the placement of these
The lives you have lead upon those layers
Have collapsed here upon your knee

Make the most of what you are given
As spirit drives you
From every layer and dimension

many blessings,
The Ancient One

** an important feature of ascension is bringing all the beings that you have been before, bringing them in for you to utilize the spirit driving access to all dimensions that you hold. Work with the versions of yourself that are the most benevolent, the most kind, the most loving, the versions from your past, present and future. Collapse this field and become the product of this. You see dear one, you are already the most benevolent, the most kind, the most loving. Just be that.