Sananda via Kerstin Sisilla, March 25th, 2019


March 25th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


I am Sananda. Beloved friends on Earth. Remember that there only is love and light. Everything else is an illusion, created by yourself, by your ego. Let go of everything old, let go of the control as there is nothing that you need to control. Your thoughts do not need to control your surroundings.

The woman who receives this message from me just spoke with a Great Tit. Have Trust it said to her and she understood. A few days ago she finally let go of the control of the family’s economy, which she thought was her lot. After a major argument with her beloved husband about this minor thing she realized after a long night that the lesson she should take with her was to LET GO OF THE CONTROL AND HAVE TRUST.

It is high time my friends to dare let go of the control. Stop being the slave to your ego and your mind. Enter into your heart in the trust that everything you need is there. When you in everything listen to your heart and your intuition nothing is lacking you. Peace and stillness you might be unaccustomed to – maybe you feel like you are in a vacuum or and emptiness when you stop listening to your flapping thoughts. Try to enjoy the stillness. Feel the love from all of us friends who are there. If you feel fear or anguish then take my hand my brother Sanat Kumara’s hand or maybe the sword of Archangel Michael will fit better at that moment? You decide yourself who you want to get help from – you ask for the help and you get it. As this journey we are all doing together – you on Earth and us who are very near to you.

By feeling trust and love for everything as often as possible you practice your ability to be in the heart and enjoy the moment. There is nothing else but Now, you know, and then a new Now. By being in your heart Now you also help others in this Now. Her writing paper is now finished out here in the woods. Enjoy the sun and nature my friends.

Your companion and friend who always is with you all!

With love, Sananda.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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