Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, March 25th, 2019

Judas Iscariot

March 25th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas and it is an honor for me to write today. It is a special day in many ways. It is also a day when we celebrate Mother Mary – Our highly loved and loving Mother. It was her who gave birth to our savior in this world – Jesus who showed us the path to ascension and life, the eternal life. Yes, the internal life. Sometimes we forget that it exists that it is what we are.. eternal. We live in a transient world where nothing remains and we forget the eternal world that exists within us. It is this world that we now will connect to – it is this world that has the largest importance in your lives now. It is the inner world of calm trust and peace. How many of you have found it? Yes, there are some, but how many of you can live it fully today? Yes, it is not many as the other world’s transience is pushing and you find it hard to let go of it. It is by letting go of the world you have built up that you can become aware of the eternal world within yourselves. It will then reemerge and everything that is created in love will remain. The energy of love is what survives everything and the tooth of time cannot reach it. Only love has an ability to create in love, as God is only love.

God does not know your world, only the Holy Spirit does. It is only through the Holy Spirit that you can enter through the needle of the eye that Jesus talked about when he walked the Earth. The Holy Spirit is the help that God sent to us so that we always could be with him. It is when we turn our thoughts and our heart to God that we receive the help we need in the form of the Holy Spirit. He guides us home – home to the light and love that already resides in us, but which acts hidden, as we chosen to not see. It is when we choose the love within us and let go of everything else that the real world can appear and we understand who we. We are everything – nothing is lacking us and we have a wonderful creative ability similar to the one Our Father has. As everything that our Father has given us he has given in love.

Love, my children on Earth, is the highest of all. Without love nothing eternal can remain and it is the strongest of the universal laws that exist. It might even be the only low if you see it from a certain perspective. Your progress is connected with the love in your heart. The love shatters all the darkness that exists and can only feel love for all that it sees, hears or feels. Judgment and thus fear disappears at the horizon as they cannot be in the same room.

Do you feel only love for everything around you or do you have a bit longer to walk? Then take a step further into your heart and call on the help that is there. If you are ready to give up this world then the other world is already there waiting for you to experience it. Is this not fantastic? You are already the loving and wonderful being that you strive to become, you have just hidden it to your own eyes. This is why we encourage you to wake up, to wake up to yourselves and the love that already exists there and lives in your heart. Now, think over what all of this means.

What is it that you seek? Yes, love and peace. Where do you find it? Yes, within you. How will I reach it? It is your will that determines this. When your will is sufficiently strong as Jesus or the Holy Spirit for help and the help is already there. They try to make themselves heard all the time and if you listen very carefully you can hear their calls. The voice of the ego can be very loud and enter many residences, but you can recognize the loving voice from its wisdom and truthfulness. It is a true and straight communication that just wants your best, as it only sees what is good loving in you. It will touch you my dear ones… then just experience the feeling and let love work within you.

With these words I leave you now in much love and gratitude.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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