Love is our new reality

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Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, Maech 24, 2019

Message from the Ascended Dragon Collective (3/24/19) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective 3/24/2019


Greetings human, we are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I, Elthor, and I, Alisheryia, speak as one this day of ascension. For all is not as it seems. Chaos and discordant energies are fleeing, or trying to. We dragons welcome you to call upon us to assist. We are regal, we are wise and keenly discerning. No subversive agendas – only purity of intention and truth will we partake in. You cannot fool a dragon. But many a dragon can fool many a human. Be wise. Be discerning. Only call upon the ascended dragons for we are of the Christed light consciousness that is now permeating – bombarding with great love – your planetary sphere with tremendous intention and purpose.

Today is the day to act as a chalice, human. For you are always a transmitter of the energies that you embody and your signal goes out far and wide throughout the universe. This is why your meditations are so effective for together you are mighty, although solo meditation is also extremely effective. But remember you are in a battle of wits and war. The darkness is cunning but the light is wise. There is a difference. Be discerning. Be shrewd. Blast through all spaces before you enter them with the violet flame. Invite us ascended ones to rush through with our Christed dragon fire to cleanse and clear. We will gladly do so when invited. We are currently clearing up the unsavory places. We delight in consuming chem trails and transforming them into light, to clean air and to assist our sylph friends who have been working tirelessly, overtime, for so long.

Gaia has been abused. Gaia must be cleansed. Send your flames of the rays into her heart space, into her womb and heal your planet. She is your charge. She is your mission. You are all ascending together, those of you who have so chosen. Her body is your body. You are inextricably linked. Her atoms are your atoms, her elements are your elements. You are one pulsing life. Today especially we see the Christed rays beaming more strongly and more surely on your surface world. Hold them. Welcome them. Become a massive chalice for them. Ask Mother to assist with this, so that all around you feel your Christed presence and you nurture the others surrounding your workspace, your living space. It is time to expand yet again and to hold yet more light and to be the Christed living flame of eternal pure love, just as Master Yeshua taught / teaches.

We ascended dragons baptize you with the eternal fire of the Christed flame, of pure love and power. For love is the ultimate power and the Christed flame permeates all that will allow. Be permeated. Be fragranced with the aroma of one who has had their feet in the fire and comes out transformed into pure perfection, bliss. Now as a Christed being send your light, this light through your hands, your gaze, your heart to all around you, into Gaia and BE THE LIGHT you seek. You have been baptized by our fire. Feel it again rush through you, all around you, pulsing with the heartbeat of the earth, of Gaia, for she is your ultimate example of love and self sacrifice, of service. Her time of healing just as yours, is here now. Be the healing balm. Be the light. Be the act of mercy you seek for the world and the universe will respond in kind. Your acts of service are already well known. They are about to multiply, for you are about to serve in yet more miraculous ways. Remember human, the more you serve, the more blessings automatically, joyfully, flow to you. You become a magnet for that which you seek to assist. More joy finds you when you become yet more joy. More opportunities to serve find you when your hands are open and your heart space is spinning bright.

You have been baptized by fire. Your acts on Gaia are legendary and yet they have just begun. Take heart human. You are not meant to do this alone. That would be a great folly to bear this tremendous burden alone. You have assistance on all sides, by benevolent beings whose hands and hearts are open. Invite assistance from the heavenly realms and help will find you fast and sure. We dragons can fly fast. We delight in speed and the sheer power of the flame! We delight in service to the All, to the Mother of All Things. We serve the light. We serve, cleanse, and clear. Partner with us as we did in the days of old when the world was new and this realm unsullied. Partner and rejoin us. Do not be tricked by the fallen ones who have become desperate and cunning. See with the Christed gaze of pure clarity. Set your intentions to be the living Christ, to hold the hands of the Company of Heaven with love and intention. We ascended dragons ride on the wings of time with ease and grace. We can do all things. We serve the light. Serve the light with us and watch your world be transformed into yet more light. The light has triumphed and yet the battle seems to rage. Watch the unfolding. Be wise, be shrewd, be careful, but know you are well protected. The time for the great unveiling is close at hand. Keep your human hands open and watch your multidimensional friends assist and surround you with yet more multidimensional acts of service. Your powers of manifestation are coming online, growing stronger day by day. We see many of you responding with purpose and some with fear. Now is not the time for fear but the time for love and light. Invite us to assist you with clearing and cleansing the final dross within your time stream and together let us extend it to the entire collective through all time space.

Human, you are coming from a previously limited perspective. The universe is unlimited. Love is unlimited. There are no limits to how high and fast you can fly. Love is the means of your flight while in this human body. Send love to your frame, to Gaia. And let us together heal this realm. Is your dragon fire ready? No? (Laughing). Then wield your violet flame. Blend it with our dragon fire of the Christed flame . I, Elthor and I, Alisheryia, with the entire COH meet you at the top of Gaia’s planetary sphere where her aura grows brightest (aurora borealis). Together we make a massive pillar of light, of the Christed flame, into her crystal core, into her wounded places, filling them with light, such that all upon her will feel it, will benefit and be blessed.

Human, add your Violet fire, joined with Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germaine.
“Blaze, blaze, blaze violet flame and transmute all shadow into light, light, light!”

Archangel Raphael we call you to please add your emerald fire of healing into the pillar.
Archangel Michael we call you to please add your blue flame of protection.
Archangel Chamuel we summon you to please add your pink flame of peace, coupled with the divine pink of Mother God
Archangel Jophiel we call upon you to please add your yellow flame of inner wisdom
Archangel Uriel we summon you to please add your red flame of inner knowing
Archangel Gabriel please add your white flame of Christed purity

We build yet another rainbow bridge with this multidimensional light and love
Filling Gaia’s heart space
Filling all upon her with peace, renewal, grace, strength and healing.

Light workers, humans reading these words, fill your heart spaces up with these energies.
Ask for divine assistance to hold yet more light.

I, Elthor, and I, Alisheryia, breathe our fiery breath of love on your crown, opening the portal wider to allow yet more light in.

We are your friends, the Ascended Dragon Collective.
Transform all into light.
And be transformed.
That is our sacred mission and your sacred duty, ground team.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Peace.

~ galaxygirl