Love is our new reality

Sananda via Mia Lighthouse, June 14th, 2018

Mia: Dear Sananda, I want to ask you about the information I received from Sanat Kumara. For example, the quotation from the New Testament; ”For it is easier for a camel to enter in through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. That ”Needle´s Eye” refers to a specific place in the desert; Is this an example of a text that has been misinterpreted?

Sananda: Dear Mia, I am so glad you contact me. We have had contact for many years, but now you have started to go public with your channelings and I am very pleased about that. You ask for a specific quote and this is a very good example and I will now share the real meaning of this example.

This quote comes from one of my sermons and everyone who listened at that time understood without difficulty what I meant. How is that possible? Because it referred to an actual event that everyone in the area knew well.

There was a rich man who wanted a precious cargo through the desert. But he was greedy, he did not want to pay the camel owners what they wanted. He wanted fewer camels and fewer workers – everything costed too much money he thought. The camel owners he spoke with refused to do the job and explained to him that it was too risky to complete the journey the way the man suggested. It needed to be more camels and each of them needed a man leading them.

No, the man did not want to accept the bids given and searched until he found a camel owner who accepted his bid. The rich man was ruled by greed and the man who eventually took the assignment even though he knew that there was a big risk, he was ruled by desperation. He was poor on the verge of collapse on several levels. For him this could be a way out of his difficult situation and he hoped for the best when he packed the heavy goods on the camels.

He knew that the walk was difficult and heavy, that the desert was hot, the mountains were barren, that it was far between the water. If everything went smoothly, it would go, but if any incident occurred so that they were delayed then he knew there were no reserves. Then they would be lucky if they made it through the desert alive.

The rich man’s plan was to create a trade path through the desert. It was based on cheap labor, so that he could keep as much money as possible for himself. Finally, the camel owner managed to find two workers who were as desperate as himself and told the rich man: “You have to lead your camel yourself, do you know how to do that?”

The rich man had high thoughts about himself and his knowledge, of course he could lead a camel. He had followed many freight companies earlier, although never before on a loaded camel, which meant that you had to walk next to the camels and lead it. This made him realize that he had to rent an extra camel that he could sit on and thus lead the loaded camel behind him. He thought he was generous for this camel could carry a lot more than him. However, they were still a camel and two workers fewer than all the camel owners had recommended.

As you can imagine, this mission did not go well, all died in the desert and this was an event that was talked about in the area at this time. People knew those who had died and their families, it was a big tragedy. The rich man was a traveling businessman and no one in the area knew his origin, but spoke of his folly. They talked about how everyone had warned him, how the camel owners had told him about the dangers of the desert and what was required to make it safely through it. But he had refused to listen, why? Because of greed. His greed became his death, and because of his greed more had died. The area in the desert where they were found was called by the local population for ”the Needle´s Eye”. So everyone who listened understood my story when told.

The sermon was not about that it is wrong to be rich, but about what greed can do with a human. A human with a big heart and great wealth, who share this wealth with others, is a gift for all is reached by this gift. I preached about a society where you shared with each other, giving love to each other, where you lived in peace and harmony with each other. And I want to add where you lived and had fun together. There are so many of my followers who have taken a gloomy path that I find very hard to understand, a path that focuses on the suffering I was forced to undergo. Why focus on this when all my actions and words were about Love!?

Love and joy. To enjoy life and live life in the most beautiful and loving way. When you do that you see the highest in all.

Just remember when I cured the ones who had leprosy; all others walked large detours around the infected with fear of being infected themselves, while I let them come to me. I had no fear because I knew that pure love can cure everything. I connected myself to this pure love when I cured the sick and also when I healed and cleaned myself. For my body was no different than anyone else, I was very much a physical human being. I had control over my cells, over my body system; this you all can learn.

In my life as Jesus, I always followed my heart and my heart burned for my fellow human beings, for the love for all, for the love of All. As you also can read in the old texts about me, I reacted strongly to various forms of injustice and usually placed myself on the side of the weak and the outcasts. Because I knew that it’s only when we can see the highest in each other as real love can arise and it’s only when true love arises as the Realm of Peace on Earth can be born.

When you look at your news broadcasts, some understandably think that this time is far away, but it’s actually very close. All of you who listened to us for a long time are aware of that, but for newcomers this sounds strange. But my dear ones, it’s pretty simple; it’s all about energies.

Now the collective energies are so high that if you who have woken up would go together and with common power focused on a collective ascension, it could happen any day now. But my dears, do not feel stress, do not wait for this to happen tomorrow. Let everything happen step by step and focus on your part in this, that’s really the best thing you can do. Heal yourself, clean yourself, grow a lasting and direct connection with your heart and stand steady in this pure connection. This is a big challenge in your contrasting world, but it is fully possible. I have done it, many others have done it, now you are going to do it.

I love you all, let your hearts be filled with my love.


Translated from Swedish to English by Mia Lighthouse