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Sananda via San, August 12th, 2018


August 12th, 2018

Channel: San


Hello it is me, Sananda, who speaks through my channel San.

Today I want to talk more to you about the importance of resting. As the Arcturians recently mentioned in a channel message the ascension process is not a short distance race, but a marathon. In order for you to have the strength all the way through the race you have to take care of yourselves in a loving way.

Just as a marathon runner does not start with running a marathon right away you have to have the insight and understanding that you cannot run to the finish line of the ascension process right away, but I see many of you trying. This is nothing that neither your body nor mind can manage physically or energetically.

It is of utmost importance that you let yourselves rest, it cannot be emphasized enough. The integration process of your new energy structure, which constantly is updated, requires this, or you will end up like a motor revving on empty. I can go as far as saying that it is when you do not rest that you really are halting and fall behind in your ascension process. However, it is also a question of how to rest the right way.

The art of resting is built on two simple principles:

  1. Allow yourself to rest and be passive without feeling negatively and enter negative thoughts about it. Many of you feel that you are wasting valuable time when you rest and just watch a movie or sleep all day. Do not feel this way. Your body needs it, your mind needs it – your whole energy structure needs it. Each time a negative thought appears about you being lazy or bad in any way push it away and replace it with the words “I rest, fill myself with light and let the universe heal me”, and then slump deeper into your inner place of rest.
  2. Let go of everything that has to do with channelings, shadow work, light work, manifestations and visualizations. In order to work energy is required and during the time that you rest you are supposed to simply recover. So, do what feels good and let go of everything else. Take a walk in the woods, take a warm bath, make love with your partner, watch three movies straight, stay at home from work and sleep all day. Prepare good food and enjoy it even it is does not feel completely healthy. Again it is important that you accept whatever it is that you feel for – do not be hard on yourself. The ascension process is only benefitted when you love yourselves and accept yourselves in all situations – just as you are! And remember that you are going through something that nobody else in the history of the universe has gone through before and that you have prepared yourselves during many life times on Earth. You deserve a bath of roses, or to let the dishes be for a week, or maybe a big chocolate cake and watching a movie or what your heart or body feels like at the moment when you allow yourselves to let go of everything and just rest. See yourselves as the noble warriors that you are and treat yourselves with the respect and reverence you truly deserve.

I encourage you with all the love I can transmit to listen to my guidance. You still have a long road to walk and it will not take long before the next wave of energies again will wash over the Earth. My beautiful brothers, sisters, friends, souls of God, it pains me to see you suffer. I ask you to be kind to yourselves and let us help you to integrate the new energies in a loving and harmonic way during your periods of rest.

Rest now my beautiful souls of the light. Think beautiful thoughts about yourselves and ask us to help you. We stand ready around the clock and ALWAYS at your side.

My heart is your heart// Sananda



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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