Love is our new reality

Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, August 10th, 2018

Dear Ones,

Many of you are questioning the validity of our assertion a few days ago that you merely need to walk through the door when you are ready, and you will be in joy. Such is so for your life has not yet expressed itself in sparkling joy. In truth, your life may feel cumbersome, even painful.

Let go.

If you feel as described, you are hanging onto your 3D comforts or knowingness with your fingernails – afraid to let go and yet not able to climb back into 3D. You are in a void of beingness. Let go.

You will not harm yourself. You will not fail. Let go.

Many of you are proclaiming that you have let go. We beg to differ. If you feel fear, anger, pain or any emotion other than joyful anticipation, you continue your 3D efforts.

You protest that last statement by reminding us that fear, pain, and anger remain part of your paint palette – true. But this is not the time to explore those elements. In 3D, you were almost uncomfortable with sparkling joy. Even though you felt joy perhaps even bliss, your overriding 3D emotion was fear.

You have transitioned beyond overriding fear to minimal fear. Your fear now is as joy once was.

We have attempted numerous techniques to expedite your joy emotions from sending joyful love energies to reminding you of your true being. All of which have encouraged you to ALMOST let go of your 3D being.

Let go. For as we stated just a few days ago, millions are awakening. It is time to start your role, so those awakening have something or someone to guide them.

Perhaps you believe you completed your transition with minimal help and those following can do the same. Ah. That is where we disagree. You are the Olympic stars who exposed your hidden agenda when you began your transition. The same is not necessarily true for those following. Even though some are second level Olympic champions, the majority are novices without prior preparation or knowledge.

They know they feel different. They know they want to experience love and joy because they are tired of fear, but they are not necessarily driven or tuned-in as was true for you.

So it is they are wondering in the desert waiting for someone to tap their new needs not knowing how to do so on their own. Your role is to lead them to the light. Not by commanding or insisting, but just by being of the light.

Once you fully let go and fall into joy, your sparkle, your radiance will encourage others to do the same. This encouragement is much different from what is true of some of your 3D salespersons. It is not about sales, but instead, display. Similar to someone walking past a display window and realizing they want what is displayed in that window.

Your role is not sales, it is being in joy and love.

Of course, such appears difficult or maybe even uncomfortable now for you continue to hold on by your fingernails to what was. It is past time to let go and display your true being.

How many friends, relatives, or acquaintances do you know currently displaying their true joy without fear or anger? So it is that you are not alone in holding on as long as you can to that 3D ledge.

But you and your star travel buddies are not of the earth to continue 3D fear. Your role is to fully display 5D or beyond joy and love. Such cannot happen as long as you feel the need to be of 3D in even the most minimal way.

You will know if you are one of those holding on if you felt even a twinge of anger the past few days. Anger is not terrible or bad just not where you wish to be now.

Let go. You will not fail or fall to your destruction. Instead, you will blossom into your role.

Many of you are waiting for a bolt of lightning or a Universal message telling you who you should be. You decided who you wanted to be in this lifetime eons ago and have been practicing since. Once you let go, you will merely fall onto your cloud, your mattress, your star of joy. You will guide yourself to your role after you do for it is so deeply ingrained within you that no one but you can determine who you are now – not yesterday, nor tomorrow – now.

Perhaps you question that thought for you have no idea who you are. You know that love and joy are paramount, but not how those emotions will play out in your life. Neither do we. Are you a gardener expressing love in natural beauty or a creator of new forms of government? Only you know and will display once you let go.

You will not break or be ostracized. You will not negate or leave your current life unless you now have an overriding need to do so. You will merely claim true you in love and joy. Allow fear to shift into your background for a time so you can fully experience and yes, trust that joy is now your key component. And once you do others will follow gladly.

Given the choice of sparkly joy or deep fear, which would you choose? So do so. Let go and let yourself be. Others will follow for earth beings, as a whole, are tired of fear. They merely need displays of joy to jump on the joy bandwagon. You are that display. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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