Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Sanangel, March 21st, 2018

Hello, it is me Sananda,

It is with pride that I talk to you today, I can see how you choose the path of the light over the ego’s, in moments where you are more challenged than ever. I feel such an enormous pride and gratitude to be a light warrior at your side – light workers who together with you and hundreds of thousands other galactic co-worker will have the opportunity to witness the ascension to the level of the fifth dimension.

Many of you choose to stay in your physical body also when the opportunity is given for an earlier return home, specifically to help complete the plan that we have for Earth.

In your moment of loneliness, in those moments when you think the whole cosmos has left you and that you are lost in the deep wounds of the ego we all stand gathered around you and pour love and light over you. You ARE and ALWAYS will be secure and loved in our hands.

Beautiful light workers, our leaders for the process on Earth, it is with tears in my eyes that my heart overflows with love – To get to see you all shine through the three dimensional illusions and with courage and humility every day, every moment, in each existence choose the return home for your fellow humans and the planet.

Your noble work on Earth spreads inspiration and happiness all over the universe. You are doing it, you are really doing it…getting the Earth to ascend.

It is not much time left now until you will be united. You who have taken the task upon yourself as leaders in this process – you are not alone and it will be a great happy feast when you all meet.

My love is with you for ever. Sananda


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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