Love is our new reality

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, December 25th, 2018

Sanat Kumara (via Mia Lighthouse)

Holy Days

Dear Ones,

I come to you as a lotus on your crown chakra. Quietly, feel my arrival, softly land on the top of your head and spread out my petals, a sign of your path to enlightenment, a sign of the beauty that this path guides you towards.

This is not the same as saying that the path always will be easy. No, think of the stories of initiation processes that you heard; they have all been difficult. But many of you have already passed most of the initiation stages, many of you are already there. For some of you, the shift in your consciousness will be so clearly that you can deduce it to a specific day and place. But for most of you, this shift is more gradual and it becomes clear to you when you look back; see ten years back in time, or five years, or just a few months; a lot have happened since then, can you see it?

Realize that you have come far. Much has happened in your spiritual development and this will continue.

It is about becoming more and more receptive, a part of the initiation phase where doubts can be a temptation;

“I who have done so much, I who have gone through so much, I who have been so good – why does this happen to me? Why is someone nasty to me when I am so kind? It’s not fair, it’s wrong – should I really trust this path? ”

Doubt can have many faces. You still live in a contrasting world and sometimes you are met by things that are unpleasant. How you handle this shows how far you have come on your path.

Let go of all kinds of doubts and have confidence that you are on your way my dear ones, you truly are!

Let go of that which do not serve you, and open up for TRUST!

BELIEVE in yourself and trust your path.

KNOW that when you follow your heart and are true to yourself, your heart will guide you toward the fulfillment of your most beautiful dreams.

We see the light that radiates within you and we see the light radiating within Mother Earth. You give her hope my dears, you give her strength and power to continue!

We are so grateful!

Living your life in joy at this time is a challenge in itself, but that’s exactly what we encourage; to live your life in joy! To meet your fellow man with a smile, to meet your fellow man with love and kindness. Not by force, but because it reflects the feeling that grows within you!

You live in a physical world, the one you call the third dimension and you are entering the fifth dimension. This journey goes through the fourth dimension. All this you have heard and maybe you understand it all well, I still want to clarify it a bit, since it is happening right now and humanity as a whole is in different parts of this journey. Some are far ahead while most are rather unconscious about this. As you know there is no right or wrong in this and you should not judge anyone but focus on your part in it all.

One can describe it very simply; you are in the process of developing into your highest self.

By raising your energies, you affect your entire being, even your physical being, your senses, your soul, everything that constitutes what you are –  on your journey towards your radiant heart. This radiant heart is within you and has always been there, but dormant and for most quite asleep. Now it is increasingly being brought into its full potential and this awakening process affects your whole being.

The awakening of the divine heart; is your core and source of power, your direct contact with the divine.

Go into your heart now. Close your eyes. Still yourself.

Think of me or Jesus or another master that is close to your heart.

Feel the presence of this master.

Realize that we are at your disposal, you just need to connect to us.

You can imagine it as a spiritual Internet where everyone can have the opportunity to connect to the same Master.

Ask the master to open a link between you.

Pray that you will be healed and purified, and be in full presence, receptive to the energies given to you, praying that your heart awakens to its full potential. Be in full presence and open yourself. Open your mind and heart to us.

Stop reading, let this energy fill you up, give this process time, especially the first time when you open up this channel. Many of you have done this many times and know that when this channel once is opened, it becomes easier and easier.

This will feel different for all of you and different each time. I let Mia tell how she felt this very day:

“I closed my eyes and prayed an inner prayer to Sanat Kumara to come to me and then I opened up for his energies, they came through the crown chakra and slowly filled my whole being. It was a very soft energy, so gentle, loving, present, so peaceful. A joy spread within me, pure blissful joy. All these beautiful feelings filled my whole being, my whole presence. It felt like he was helping me to activate the highest within me, what is already there, in my cell memory, was awaken up to life. Very subtle yet very tangible. My heart was whole, all wounds was healed, my heart was integrated with my whole being, I felt a wholeness with my whole being, the separation was gone. Dear Sanat Kumara, I love you and I thank you.”

And so I say thank you for this time my dear ones and wish you a wonderful holiday. Wonderful Holy Days. We in the higher spheres wish that this Christmas will be the Christmas when most of you reintroduce holiness into your holy days.

I now pass over the word to my beloved brother Jesus, Sananda who wish to come in and say a few words.