Sananda via Mia Lighthouse, December 25th, 2018

Jesus Christ Sananda:

Dear Ones,

All over the globe, many of you gather to celebrate my birth, it’s beautiful, I appreciate it, but I want to ask you if you really celebrate me? If you really take the time to remember me? To know my presence?

I ask this question since for many, Christmas has become a time for consumption. Consumption of food and consumption of gifts.

I am not saying that you are wrong, but want to ask you to pay attention and ask yourself what is really important during days like these.

For some of you, this time is truly a time of joy and then; feel my blessing; that your joy will spread!

Those I try to approach with my question are those of you who are stressing so. You who shop enormous amounts of food and gifts – do you really feel true joy of it? I ask you to relax, to release stress. Realize that the most important gift you can give to your husband, wife, children, friends – is your presence. Your ability to see and appreciate them!

All holy days, in whatever tradition, are meant to be days of peace, of fellowship – but also of contemplation and spiritual presence.

Give yourself what you wish for and give the same to others.

So celebrate your holidays in joy my beloved  and remember that the most beautiful gift you can give someone is your presence. To experience this moment together with your loved ones. To be there for your fellow man.

If you are alone, as many are; can you feel peace? Can you spend these days filling yourself with peace and love and ask for my presence? Open up for my relationship with you. Open up your heart to me in the way Sanat Kumara described, and I will come.

Love is always within you, joy as well, they are the greatest gifts you have, open up for them and pass them on!

This time is celebrated for the arrival of the Light! The winter solstice has been and the light is on its way again. I was born as the manifestation of the Light in a human body. So shall the Light be born within you my beloved! It is already there and it is already awaken. Let it awake even more by connecting with me!

I love you and are always with you.

Your brother in Light,