Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, December 3d, 2018

Sanat Kumara (via Mia Lighthouse):

Step it up!

I come to inspire you, to guide you, to remind you of who you are.

You have the ability to transform yourself and your life, and, in a broader perspective, your energies affect humanity at large.

You are the ones who promised to be at the forefront, the ones who have chosen to raise your awareness during this lifetime. Your ascension process is closely connected to the human ascension at large. You are one of the triggering factors for this great change to happen and you know it within you because you have made this decision before your birth in this unique time. It depends on you, all of you who read texts like this. You read them because you feel a calling within you. And it is now time to be the one you have come to Earth to be, which is to be the love-beings who you really are. To remember who you are is to remember your connection with the Divine, with God, with your soul, with your highest self.

When you raise your frequencies you help your fellow man to do the same. When you increase in numbers, then the collective ascension will happen.

This will lead to a great shift into a new dimension, a new era. As most of you are well aware of, this process is now ongoing.

For some, these words are uplifting and encouraging since you feel you are on the right track. While others struggle with your life-situation and worry that you are not doing good enough. As I have mentioned earlier, some of you have taken very hard tasks upon yourself, be kind to yourself, appreciate and believe in yourself!

However your life is, you have access to the greatest power source of all and that is to be found in yourself. Through your inner heart you have access to the divine, to the Source, to All that Is, and this connection you can consciously awake all the more.

Everything starts with you. So focus on you. Focus on your thoughts, your feelings and how you communicate with those around you. Focus and relax at the same time. The focus is on making a conscious decision to live life from the heart. The more you do this the more you can relax, and the more relaxed you are, the easier it will become. But do not hesitate anymore, do not shilly-shally any longer, take the decision every morning;

“I start my morning with connecting to my heart, with feeling the peace and love that is therein. I feel the trust that my heart has to me, in my heart there is no doubt that I am pure love. During the day I will remind myself to connect to this source of joy, love and positive energy, with the goal to all the more living my life centered in this love center. Day by day. Moment by moment. Following my heart means to follow what feels good. I follow my heart in the knowledge that my life will bloom more and more of love and joy when I do so. My most beautiful wishes will be fulfilled ever more. I’m not pulled down if I sometimes lose contact with the heart because I know it’s a process that is not always easy. But I also know that if I just remind myself of this connection I’ll strengthen it and then it will grow stronger in my life. So I breathe deeply into my heart and constantly remind me that the heart’s path is the way to the birth of my highest and most beautiful self.

I know that when I live my life in connection with my heart, I am part of the great Shift that is now happening on Earth ”

Use the words you want, they can be much simpler than this suggestion. It can be so simple as closing your eyes, enter your inner heart, place your focus there and take a silent decision to live your day from this center. Make it as simple as you wish my dears, the important thing is that you do it.

However your life is, you can breathe deeper, you can breathe more calmly, you can consciously connect to the love within. When you continue to do this, love will grow and become an ever-increasing and more obvious part of your life. You can always find the light, no matter how your outer circumstances are, because the light is within you.

Have the intention to release all that worries you and open up for more trust in your life. Trust that your heart will lead you to where you want to go. Have the attitude that all will be resolved. “The more I make decisions from the heart the better decision I will take. The more joy and trust I have in my life, the easier it will be.”

I do not ask you to put more in to your life than you can handle, on the contrary, this is not about pushing more into your life, rather the opposite; focus on whats important and let go of things that do not benefit you.

Instead of looking at a screen, whether it is a computer, phone or television, give time to yourself, to those around you, to life itself! You would gain so much if you would minimize your time in front of this kind of distracting and often disturbing entertainment and instead; embrace life!

Yet, wherever you are on your journey, I ask you to “step it up” when it come to consciously connecting to your inner heart. To secure your energies, your frequencies, for the enlightenment energies that now radiate Earth are increasing. You are to be beacons of Light that shines over the Earth. You are those who show the way.

Those of you who have taken the easy route and impatiently wait for others to catch up; why wait? There is no reason. Take the next step toward that which feels important and inspiring to you.

Many feels a large concern about climate change and similar; instead of worrying, do something about the situation that will make you feel better.

Some of you have a lot of money; buy a part of Brazil’s rainforest that is now threatened by pillage! Buy it for the sole purpose of preservation. Let the indigenous peoples who live there continue to live there.

Some of you are in decision-making positions; use the power you have to prevent the depletion of the oceans, the pollution of the water, the air, the soil, whatever you can influence, do it!

If you do not have money or a position of influence but still feel that you wish to contribute; there are so many uplifting organisations and projects that you can support by offering a helping hand. Or create your own projects, start your own communities. Open up your imagination and see the possibilities! Start creating the world you wish to live in!

Lift yourselves, intentional and persistent, increasingly steadily in the Light.

The ascension-energies that now flow towards Earth are of a very high frequency. You who consciously have healed and purified your energies as I and many others have guided you to do, are now becoming increasingly aware of the delightfulness of these energies. When you are whole and clean in your reception, these energies are pure bliss to receive.

However, if you have not done the purification exercises that we have recommended, these energies can be quite painful, and this will continue, so dear, do what you need to be the pure recipient of these energies.

You know how you do; close your eyes, center yourselves, breathe deep calm breaths. Feel the worry, fear or whatever feeling it is that plagues you. Recognize it, see it. Breathe in deep, calm breath of pure light. Let this light fill your entire being, as you breathe out, let go of what hurt you. Let it go! Breathe in the light again. Feel that you become lighter and lighter with each breath in and that the pain disappears more and more by each breath out. Continue this process as long as you need and redo it as often as needed. Ask for assistance from your angels, from the Divine.

You are all where you are for a reason. You are all important. Believe in yourself, do not hesitate, step it up!

Your Brother in Light,

Sanat Kumara

Translation from Swedish to English by Mia Lighthouse