A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, December 3d, 2018

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

December 3d, 2018

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightworkers, dear humans on Earth.

The time has come for your heart to be completely open to the enormous power, light and love from the Source.

I have opened my heart to transform the love I have in my heart to love in your heart, if you wish to receive.

I am a Master in the Crystal Kingdom. I have shared in your journey from the place where I am and I am mighty impressed by what I see.

Let me present the new energy, which with its full power right now is blowing over Earth – the powerful light who’s task it is to return each one of you the gifts that you are ready to wake up in your lives. The new energy is fantastic. It will lift you to a new level that us in the higher kingdoms not have dared to dream of seeing you participating in so quickly. You are fantastic and your dedicated work has really paid off.

The New Era has already energy achieved a solid hold on Earth. Your task is now to open up your hearts to the New Era’s way to live, think, feel and act.

I want to remind you of parts of what I have talked to you about earlier. You have an energy within you, which is manifested by your soul. You have during the time you have lived on Earth experienced many things that have been very hard and troublesome. In order to be able to heal the scares that these experiences have created in you I want to remind you that you as a soul have chosen to come down on Earth and experience these low frequency experiences. You knew when you came down as a human on Earth that not everything would be easy and simple. You knew that you would experience the opposite to the light you lived in when you made your decision and you knew that these low frequency experiences would help you to experience your true light more strongly than ever before. You had a mission with you here on Earth and this was to get yourself through the darkness you would experience within you and regain the light within your – stronger than ever.

Your New Life on Earth now consists of being an inspiration to others to follow rather than remaining in the darkness and try to help others to understand that they will join you into the light. I would like to free you from all the misinformation that has been spread by the dark during the old time that you would have a responsibility to recreate Earth’s light on your own. Many of you have been misled to belief that you yourselves carry the responsibility for Earth and its inhabitants to find their way back to their light. This has been an effective way for the dark to keep you in the darkness instead of moving forward into the light. When you now enter into the New Times it is extremely important that you understand that the only responsibility you have and ever had is to find your own light within you and to choose to live in the light.

All souls on Earth, including Gaia, have come here with the same mission – to make it through their own darkness and to regain your own light. All souls have a plan for how this is to happen. No soul can fail and you cannot resume responsibility for the journey of these other souls as you in truth have no idea what the plan for these souls look like. You can in truth not know what these souls have chosen to experience as a contrast to their own light and you have thus no ability to resume responsibility for them. With time all souls will regain their own light and then you will automatically experience complete peace on Earth.

You are now many who will let go of others who are not ready to live a live in love. You will realize and understand that your mission how is to manifest the inner light that you find in your heart. You have like all other lightworkers chosen to create a new life in the New Time and you will become very happy. You will view your life from a new place within yourself and you will change your perceptions about of what a life on Earth can be.

In the New Era it is important that you take responsibility for yourself. You should use the time you have available and ponder what the goal of your dreams are in the New Era. You should put your hands on your heart and listen to what it is your heart wants to tell you. You have to feel in yourself and see the flame of your heart burn at the same time as you send a thought of acceptance to other souls to make their choices of life and experiences. To respect the choices of life of other souls make you free to accept your own choices and to live the life that your own souls has conveyed to you through your heart’s true flame.

Sit down everyday and speak to your heart. Let it be heard and respect what it has to say to you even if it goes against your earlier frames of conception about what is right and wrong. Listen, accept and take in what your heart is conveying in your mind and let the thoughts get used to the fact that you are worth everything good and that the time now is in for you yourself to be happy. Many lightworkers have a hard time to indulge in happiness, but now you who feel this way to be freed from all lack of indulging towards yourself.

I wish you good luck with your New Life. Enjoy yourselves and make the choices that make you happy.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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