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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, July 17, 2018

Sanat Kumara (via Mia Lighthouse) July 17, 2018

Mia: Dear Sanat Kumara. When you contacted me in February this year, it was so a powerful and I was so strongly affected. Before that I had never had any contact with you, I had not even heard of you. This still puzzles me and I would like you to say a few words about this.

Sanat Kumara: Dear Mia, I have been with you for a long time and you know that. I have been waiting for you, waiting for you to be ready for your mission. It is your mission to channel me. You have known within you since you were a small child that you had a spiritual assignment but did you not know what it was. Suddenly, I contacted you and said that these messages would be published to reach as many as possible and you knew in your heart that this was what you had been waiting for.

This was the answer to your question my dear and please keep it in the text you publish because it gives your readers a small presentation of you.

Each one of you who reads this has an unique assignments. By this I do not necessarily mean that you are channels like Mia or in any other way should “do” something. Most often your life is your mission. To be the leaders of the transformation, to be the ones who show the way, through yourselves, through your life. To consciously take control of your life and create the lives you wish to live. Yet in a humble way.

It’s not about to force yourself, but rather about listening, getting to know your inner guidance system. To have such strong connection with your heart that you hear your intuitive voice when it says ”yes” and when it says ”no”. To be so firmly rooted in your pure heart that you make a conscious choice to follow ”yes” and refrain from ”no”.

Mia has many times in her life followed “no”, forced herself to do things because it was expected of her to do in a certain way. This is so common and happens all the time when you follow the norms of the society, family or the norm between friends. You should follow the standards of your inner heart, the guidance of the divine light.

This requires practice and you must be patient with my dear ones. Do not be frustrated if all is not going in your direction at once. Take it easy my dears, let it take the time it takes. See it as an ongoing process, where you take one step and then you take the next and the next. But see your steps, be aware of them and enjoy every progress you notice in your life. See, note, appreciate and rejoice in the knowledge that you are taking step by step into the greatest shift in human history and that you are an important part of it.

To guide yourselves in the direction your inner heart wants to go, you must first get a strong relationship with your inner heart.

You are to carry out a big change within you, the shift from the brain to the heart. When you live your life from the heart, you live as you are ment to live. Then also the brain works optimally, it can relax when it know that you are deeply rooted in divine wisdom. Then you are in balance.

We will now do a meditation or spiritual exercise together. It helps you to balance both brain and heart and center yourselves in the hearts. I have given you this meditation/exercise before through Mia and I may repeat it once in a while since it really can help you to implement this process in your life.

Breathe deep breaths of Light. Center the light in your head. Feel that your mind is quite still, present at this moment. Consciousness observes the Light in the center of the brain. Your mind is still. Your mind is clear. Your mind is in balance and works now the way it is supposed to, like an objective and balanced adviser, now at rest.

Breathe deep, calm breaths. Move the light to your inner heart, your heart chakra in the center of your chest. Enter this inner space and only be in the eternal peace that is therein. Feel love. Feel infinity. There is no time, no beginning, no end. The Heart Chakra is your connection to the eternal present. Now take the decision that you will live your life from this center. Step by step. It will be a discovery trip, so allow it to take the time it takes. Feel the pleasure this decision gives you. You have longed for it.

Breathe in pure Light and let this light fill your entire being and expand into infinity. Become a part of infinity, of the All that Is. You are pure Presence, you are pure Light, you are pure Joy. Let this pure joy-light fill each cell in your body. Cell by cell. Like a wave of light that passes through your creature and illuminates you from within.

Whole of you shine. You are now in a state where you consciously can heal yourself and fill yourself with love. You are now balanced, centered, whole. You are pure Light, you have now connected yourself to your highest self. Feel the unity with all that is you and feel that you are part of All that Is and feel your center in the heart.

Do this exercise every morning for a month and extend the month with a new month and a new one and a new one. Take the decision to live from the heart every morning and remind yourself of this decision during the day and the next day and the next.

This shift is an inner shift and it is only you who can do it in your life. To go through with it will not only be of great importance for you and those around you but also for humanity and the future of humanity. And you know this, you know within you that you have a great mission to implement and I tell your my dear ones that this is your great mission, to make this great shift happen.

You are the guides, those who show the way. You are this by being firmly anchored in the light. I will through Mia continue to give this kind of spiritual exercises to inspire you, wake you up, to help you on your way to your mastery of yourself. You do not have to do all of them, it’s not a competition, it’s about getting positive routines in your life. Maybe also to replace it with things that no longer serves you, for example social media, television, things like that. Feel in what is good for you and not.

Live life lightly with a deep dedication to Love.

I love you all beyond words.

Blessed be your path.

In Love, Joy, in Eternity, Amen, Om

Translated from Swedish to English by Mia Lighthouse