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Saxon the Dragon via Angel, September 9th, 2018


Saxon the Dragon via Angel

September 9th, 2018


Hello my beautiful dragon riders on Earth.

I am so glad to have my voice heard today and I have long tried to get Angel’s attention to channel my message. My name is Saxon and I am an inter-dimensional dragon. I travel with ease through the lowest as the highest dimensions and I can expand and contract from the smallest of beings in the Universe to the largest.

To deep dives, gather and transform darkness is my largest job. Together with you dragon riders on Earth we work right now frequently in the evenings with different tasks. Our dragon riders have his/her dragon and each dragon has his/her dragon rider.

An indescribable bond is established completely telepathically through feelings and through a dance that our energies together perform when they are mixed. The words limit me to explain to you, but my purpose today is to call out to you dragon rider to more consciously start to call on us and foremost your own dragon.

Active dragon riders on Earth are transformers – a mission you consciously and with great joy have chosen. It might sound strange in a three dimensional environment, but to work with darkness is your great passion and strength. Remember that darkness is not seen as “darkness” from a higher level of consciousness and a higher dimension.

It is your unique area of mastery and many of you have chosen life after life in lower frequencies in order to transform, become wiser and more ready for this time that the planet is in right now. It is now that you large work has started and you work already with us on your unique dragon backs.

During the night we fly through inter dimensional corridors, light portals and circle around the Earth’s grid ad do deep dives in the collective consciousness.

However, we also anchor the light down into Mother Earth and down into the planet as we are masters in separating energies and can at the same time suck in and transform darkness and guide the light to where it should go. The work you do is powerful and just as us dragons you are thick skinned and your souls have the dragons signature woven into your energy field and your heart chakra.

Your strength and courage finds its full potential on our backs and I ask you to raise your heads and call up to the sky. This is where we are, your own dragon and if you put your hand on your heart you can feel how you unique dragon signature becomes red hot.

With love, light, power and courage // Saxon




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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