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“Seesaw” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP & Geopolitical Overview – Monday – June 19, 2017

“Seesaw” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP & Geopolitical Overview – Monday – June 19, 2017


Just got word Joe and Paul released the RV in the United States last night Sunday around 6pm EDT (which was their sovereign right to do so btw).

That’s great news for currency holders. That’s even better news for the world.

Why now is my question? Geopolitical counter balance is the answer.

With the obvious global rise of China having control of the world’s finances now, it forged partnerships with Russia and Iran as energy and military allies against the west.

So the west had to find a counter balance to seesaw global power back against the east to preserve lasting geological peace.

Again, this is how nation states think–don’t shoot the messenger. I’m already riddled with plenty of Trump Impeachment and Paul Ryan President bullet holes.

The reconfiguration of European power along with a renewed partnership of the restored Republic of the United States provided a long-term geological counter balance necessary for global peace.

A strong Europe counter balances Russia’s economic strength in Eurasia. The seesaw tilts towards Russia, but not too much.

The USA counter balances China’s global economic and military might diplomatically. The seesaw tilts towards China, but not too much.

Africa provides everyone the raw minerals for world economic growth and seriously builds up their continent for the very first time. Go Africa!

Plus the Middle East stops fighting each other long enough to figure out what their economies and societies will look like less having exclusive and massive petrol sales to rely on moving forward. Otherwise the Arab world gets left behind–peace is truly their only option.

Sadly, we were all made to wait on the new financial system (gold backed money) by our own Republic leadership for our own best national interests.

The Republic had to give France and the U.K. the best possible negotiating position against the cabal’s European Union matrix and Russia since the EU and Euro were both being allowed to continue (btw… Brexit is Europe’s new counter balance internally against old cabal/EU power).

China, Russia, the Middle East, the cabal… all wanted RV performance months and years ago. But our Republic held back… to protect our interests long term.

Did it hurt our own population in the process both economically and with the whole Trump Administration fiasco (btw… Trump can and will be released anytime thanks to Obama)?


Was it worth it? Time will tell.

Side Note: 69 million Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. How asleep can our population be here in the US?

Dunford and Ryan choose the patient strategy as to make the Republic strongest internationally, longest.

They held back unquestionable new economic power sure to flood China and Russia post RV just long enough not to stop the process, but to give Germany, France and the U.K. a fighters chance during Brexit negotiations (started today at 6am EDT) and France’s attempt to gain a full majority in parliament (French elections were held yesterday).

Make any sense yet?

Probably not, but these last minute nation state decisions allow us to back track their reasoning behind governmental policies as they maneuver secrete over arching geopolitical strategies.

Hind sight is always 20/20 right!

Trump will now be forced to leave office before month’s end, as his chaos was but a circus flash bang distraction for larger geopolitical maneuvers by our Republic.

Did he know this? Doubtful. To us he’s playing the role of patsy trying to gain as many twitter followers as he can.

Trump was forced to serve as a smoke screen for the Republic to achieve their larger geopolitical ideologies–knowing full well Russia had indeed interfered with our election and was trying to weaken us as a nation as well as make us look stupid internationally.

Obama spun things hard against Russia in Europe. As he knows Europe will not be petrol and LNG reliant on Russia long term when zero point energy technologies are released.

In truth, Trump never had any real power because he didn’t control the military (Dunford) or the Congress (Ryan & McConnell).

So signing disruptive executive orders, flying on Air Force One and going on expensive golf weekends at his clubs were all he could really do as President.

Obama, the Elders and the Republic reduced his Presidency to purely a ceremonial title–which btw cornered Netanyahu in Israel all in favor of Palestine.

Very complicated stuff when all most of you want is a damn 800#.

But that’s why Trump didn’t shake hands with Germany’s Angela Merkel–she flipped against her own cabal family member in the best interests of the German people and Europe, and the Trumpet/cabal/Israel triad was pissed.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign was total cover for his true intention of destroying American power–for his cabal families own benefit.

Yet 66 million Trump American voters cast ballots for that orange pig last November. Sorry, that number and it’s human decision making rationale still astounds me.

Basically, a new Europe is now run by three sovereign countries who have economically allied: Germany, France and the U.K. and thus ganged up on both the cabal in other European countries and Russia for economic dominance as once again there’s a formidable European Union with 28 nations run by 3.

How the cabal used to run things out of Brussels is over. And NATO will survive with American military support in case of attack, less the lopsided economics.

And if you really want a head scratcher, I believe the Elders asked Obama to help them with Asian genetic tendencies of slow domination and total vengeance, requesting a geopolitical counter balance be put in place against their own peoples/governments in the far east–all in the best interests of humanity long term.

Remember, the Elders gate-keep for all nations that do no harm, not just China, Russia and Iran.

Interesting stuff, but very complicated geopolitical games being played right up to the very last second by all concerned parties.

In a more spiritual understanding, this is actually just about divine feminine vibrations counter balancing divine masculine vibrations on the planet. Which happens from time-to-time, era-to-era in order to preserve and reset cellular structure and ascend all soul life forms.


The good news is the money should start flowing now starting tonight–Monday night/Tuesday morning–and not stop for many generations of our family’s lifetime.


God is with us.