Love is our new reality

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Serapis Bey via Elaine DeGiorgio, January 12th, 2018

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Main Guide in the vibration of Serapis Bey and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all:

Dear Souls,

I Serapis, come forth this day to speak of Ascension. Rising and Rising like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes, we delight in the progress of your Ascension.

I come forth in this Vibration today to speak of Ascension, for I have for many Eons been overseeing the Ascension of many Souls upon your Earth and throughout the Omniverse.

All Universes upon which many of you may connect with through the expansion of Consciousness are shifting into a new paradigm of Love and of Light and of Healing.

They are coming forth at this hour to work with and alongside this Universe and the Galaxy in which you reside to bring forth love to bring forth knowledge to bring forth peace.

The Councils of Light meet The Universal Gatekeepers come forth opening the Universal Gateways of Wisdom and Truth.

Sounds and Sounds come forth Universal Soundwaves are truly activating upon your Earth to facilitate Healing – The Healing Energy is now shifting and the connection with the Ancient Alchemy of the former Root Races upon your Earth are truly activating.

I speak now of Eons past when the lands were a plenty and the pyramids were many connecting the Energy of the Earth to that of the Many Star Nations and Planets and Universes… Oneness ruled the Hearts of Humanity upon your Earth, we now are entering those phases once more and the transmissions of Light are being anchored and the veils between the dimensions become an illusion as you connect and reconnect…

I come forth in this hour to radiate the Ascension Flame within your Hearts, connect dear children connect as you connect upon the Crystal White Ray that pours forth upon this hour bringing you back to the beginning and connecting you with your Divinity, your Divine Qualities that you have within you.

Many of you have connected with Timeline and in doing this you become aware of who your are and your mission in this now. This Timeline connection will enable your frequency to ascend

Ascending Souls upon Gaia have now entered a Great Transition. These High Frequency Transmissions that are coming forth from the Great Central Suns at Omniversal Level are coming forth at this time to removed the old remnants of the Vices that many of you have experienced in your life upon your Earth thus bringing you into a more Higher Frequency and Vibration of Light and Love.

This will bring you into a more finer alignment with Source and the Connection with your Higher Self.

I Serapis, in this hour, hold the Flame of Ascension for each and everyone of you as release and heal and transcend… for dear children it is a truly exciting time upon your earth.

Much work to proceed now

The fruits of your Ascension Process is indeed very sweet indeed.

I am working with you all and with Mother Sekhmet-Durga and the Sisterhood of the Rose with the invocation of the crystal and diamond rays on your earth overseeing many Sacred Sites.

The Pyramids of knowledge and Truth are indeed activating in each and everyone of you.

Know is the Time to connect with The Ankh the fountain of all creation and within this you will discover much knowledge within and achieve the ultimate symbol of the balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Those of us whom have walked the paths of the Priesthood in many Eons and Ages past are rising once more connecting with the Energy of the Golden Age of Lemuria.

The Atlantean Energy is activating dear children as we ascend this timeline of what was once a place of pure love… we connect with that space and sphere within for the Temples are activating igniting the consciousness of you all. I have indeed held many lifetimes in Atlantis and I am the keeper of the crystals of Atlantis and they are indeed in safe keeping til Atlantis shall rise once more.

When Atlantis plunged into the very depths I lead the brotherhood into Egypt and it is there we shaped a new civilization and it was there I built my Temple the Ascension Temple.

And it is within this Temple I set the very Ascension Flame of which I oversee. I have walked the path of the God for many Eons and my Energy and pathway was to create and co-create as Architect and Mason of the Great Pyramids, Temples and Palaces.

Go forth and create and co-create for all of you dear children have the God Spark ignited within, create and co-create your Ascension and be the Architect and Mason of the New Golden Age of Light bringing forth Heaven on Earth.

I come to you to embody the truths within your hearts through the ray of the Ascension Flame that hath now activated once more in each and everyone of you.

I leave you with the Peace and Joy at this time.

I AM Serapis Bey and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio