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Serpis Bey via Genoveva Coyle, March 6th, 2019


I invite you, dear ones, to take your place, with pride, amongst the ascended masters; get comfortable sitting in a more conscious way with us. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Serapis Bey, I AM Chohan of the White Ray of Purity. I am your gentle teacher and brother, I am your family.

I step forward today to welcome thee to ascended master status, to congratulate and celebrate with you this massive accomplishment.

Dear hearts, this is not a small achievement, for it has never been done like this before. We had to leave the physical form behind once that ascended status had been achieved. I want you to see yourselves with pride and admiration, the way we see you, and to give yourselves the rightful credit. It is spectacular indeed!

Now, this is not to say that we did not know and recognize the great potential that you have, for you have been picked out directly by the Mother herself for your valor and fortitude. But we have to admire you and bring to the fore and acknowledge this great and heavy lifting that you have done for your sweet selves, for your earthly families and friends, and for the whole of humanity. We applaud thee!

It is time now to retreat and be gentle with yourselves, to learn or to remember to focus mostly on your dear selves. It is time to shift again to center and to sit more permanently in this ascended self part of your multidimensional self. The time has come for you to step fully into the role of being the spiritual teachers, the enlightened way showers, that you had promised to be eons ago.

And so, I invite you, dear ones, to take your place with pride amongst the ascended masters. Get used to and comfortable with sitting in a more conscious way with the Ascended Master’s Council or White Brotherhood, call it as you wish, but come and sit with us, with the Mother, beloved Jesus, brother El Morya, Lao Tzu, and so many more who have walked on your path.

We are welcoming you with open arms and beaming hearts, for you have done such a phenomenal job. It is not that the archangels are not to be part of this celebration, for they will continue to support and overlight thee. But it is us, we the ascended ones, who have incarnated many times in the old density of the Earth. It is we who can better understand and assist you while you have to continue in this work with humanity.

No, you do not have to go down deep into the darkness, to clear and remove debris for the collective. But you do have to become proficient in traveling amongst the lower vibrations and not being affected by them; in other words, being and living on Earth but not being of the Earth, as the old saying goes.

As you know, your work, our work, still entails that you immerse yourselves into lower vibrations, taking that ascended self in form with thee. And while you are living your lives in your current communities, you teach and show the ways of love. Sometimes you do that by heart speaking, but most of the time by listening and extending your hand in love, without judgment or discrimination. It requires great awareness that you maintain your high and loving vibrations without slipping into the old patterns of twisted drama.

I am asking you to come here to my Ascension Temple or to feel yourselves meeting me in your hearts, it matters not which you choose, for I will be there. Sit with us often at the round table, or around the Ascension Flame, for we have much to share with thee, wisdom accumulated while living in the world of density, so that you can avoid being dragged down and back into the old ways.

Tune into your ascended master self often so that you can hear his/her whispers and love. You can see it as a bilocation process, or just as a short trip to your heavenly home, or a loved university, where you can obtain information, guidance, and encouragement in every moment.

Pay attention to all of the clues and heavenly signs, for we are giving you everything that you need so that you can proceed in joy and peace. Do not hesitate to take action based on your heart knowing, even if this might entail you taking a completely different direction than the common trend. Be courageous and firm in your decisions. Walk steadily with peaceful hearts, just as the masters do! Do not worry or doubt yourselves any longer, for your love and light is always stronger than any opposition or dark manipulations you might encounter. Nothing can stand in front of your loving hearts and intentions.

Trust that knowing in your hearts, for your direction is divinely set, and your next steps are always over-lighted and assisted by me, personally, in a most loving way. You all have direct and instant access to my heart and guidance! Know this! Trust this! Let’s proceed, my beloved ascended masters, brothers and sisters of mine!

You are loved and cherished always! I welcome you again to the Ascended Masters Home!

I will close this message now, but know that I will remain with you in love and peace! Farewell.

By permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.