Love is our new reality

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Simon Petrus via Ann Dahlberg, August 4th, 2017

Simon Petrus

Friday, August 4, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Simon Petrus and I am here today to strengthen all awakened souls in their belief in themselves and what they experience. The true reality is within you, that which you see and hear from your inner reality. This is what is true. I, Simon Petrus, love all humanity on Earth. I have walked at your side for thousands of years and I have together with you never given up hope for the inner world that we all carry deep inside us. There has been upsets and progress both on your personal plane and on the worldly plane. However, we have all come back and with new attempts to alter ourselves, and the world we live in. In the end we have discovered that the only path goes through our heart to God, who is our Almighty leader and who is just waiting for us to return home to him and share his love and wisdom. God is clean and loving energy that envelope us all whenever we turn back to him in our hearts.

Our soul is now striving to merge with all that is – the only true reality that exists and which is filled with love and wisdom. We are as many have said before – we are one with everything. Even our bodies carry this wisdom with them. They are like small miniatures of the universe that exist around you. You are everything, have everything, but have forgotten who you are. The veil is now pulled from your eyes and you will once again see and understand the deeper meaning of life. Life abounds in the universe and you are part of this large enormous universe. Your life on Earth becomes just a brief moment of time in this large perspective. Understand that you have never been alone. You are a part of infinity and you are part of all that exists out in space.

You are loved beyond your understanding and you have many who are waiting for you now, from near and far. You also have guides from near and far, depending on where you have chosen to participate in the large space you belong to. You are on a fantastic mission and you are cheered on from near and far. There is much happening around the Earth that you are placed on. Your Earth is on her way to the higher dimensions and all beings on Earth are in constant development. The body and the soul are working feverishly to keep up with Mother Earth. It is difficult in this heavy density, but you get good assistance from the light and your fight for the light is well worth witnessing. Many tears of joy pour down many a check today, when they see how you battle and the great strides forward you make.

We are approaching the finish now dear children on Earth. Your battle will soon be over and better more loving times are around the corner. Some of you can already see it, some others have gotten a glimpse of it and the large masses are slowly moving forward. More truths have come to light and more people are starting to examine their inner world and outer world that they find themselves in. I rejoice with you today. My heart is warm and loving for the struggle that you have carried on here on Earth. I am myself a part of this struggle so I embrace you all as the brothers and sisters you are. You my family and I love you all.

The light has returned together and with this love has entered into our lives.

Thanks for giving me the word,

Simon Petrus




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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