Love is our new reality

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Simon Petrus via Ann Dahlberg, June 9th, 2017

Simon Petrus

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Simon Petrus and I walk with you on Earth today. Yes, there are many of us who walk with you now. The light has allowed us to descend and walk with you today. You have many guides with you now and all want to help you best they can. There is a beehive of life and movement on Earth. All the colors are fantastic and Earth is now shifting into all kinds of colors. Mother Earth has a grand smile on her lips. She knows where she is going and she has started to discern the light for all her fellow beings on this planet.

It is a grand journey you are on your way of completing – the most important journey of all your lives on Earth. It is the most important journey inside you as in the outer in your world. The inner journey is of course the most important as it impacts your outer reality. As within, as in the outer and I think you have heard this many times, but maybe not always understood completely. The way it is is that for each experience you make and gain insights into what you should learn about your selves you also change your outer reality. Your reality is getting lighter and more beautiful as you let go of your blockages and your feeling of being limited. In reality you have limitless ability to change yourselves and your world. It is only your fantasy and your creative ability that can stop you from doing all you want, at the same time as it gives you all that you wish if you let it have free reins to envision whatever you wish for. It is your own self-trust and trust in your ability that sets the limits for what you can do.

This new world is dawning and you can make wonders with it and make into the most beautiful that ever has existed on this Earth. Just by letting your imagination capture what is the most beautiful of your inner world so it can manifest in your outer world. What kind of beautiful dream is hiding in your inner world? Bring it out my dear ones as now it is time to dare see and show it to others. You all carry something beautiful within you that you can contribute to your new Earth and the beauty of Earth grows in turn with every human’s inner dream of beauty and love. We are all one and we carry each a part of something beautiful that we can share with our Earth. You all have a piece of the puzzle and if it is you or somebody else that is putting down the piece of the puzzle does not matter. It was you who brought it down to let it manifest on Earth. Your work was to see it and let it shine in your inner world, so that it may become a piece of the outer world that you right now are in the process of building.

Your Earth is now very colorful. Many have let loose their dreams and the first large dreams are in the process of being built. There is a glorious enthusiasm and much joy in this work and we enjoy and share this joy and enthusiasm with you. It is a joy to see all the work now starting up on Earth. All these people who wake up and who with joy and eagerness want to be part of the work. You have received a fantastic opportunity to grow, dear friends on Earth. You grow in spirituality and strength in a never previously seen way.

It is an honor to walk with you on Earth today and to see all that is happening now. I am grateful for this and I am grateful for the light that now is shining on our beautiful Earth. I am also grateful for your great courage and continued quest to want to go forward.

May love and light shine over you forever.

In great gratitude,

Simon Petrus






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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