Love is our new reality

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Simon Petrus via Ann Dahlberg, November 20th

Simon Petrus

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Simon Petrus and I am happy to have the opportunity to speak to you today. Many know me as one of the disciples to Jesus during a time long ago. Now the time has arrived when we all can gather on Earth again. It is with great pleasure that I can tell you today that we all in some way are on Earth. Gaia carries the mantel of triumph today. Her joy cannot be found elsewhere than in her heart, as it is a rare joy she feels for all that is happening on Earth today. Today, the Freedom trumpets sound across Earth. An enslaved people regain their freedom and their sovereign ability of divine knowing.

Our God, Our Father, Our Mother has blessed us all and returned our freedom. It is an honor to be part of this moment in history. I am so heartfelt grateful to be able to contribute with my presence here and experience this historic moment. Feel chosen – you people on Earth. You have had an important task in this part of the history of the Universe. Meters of documentation are now being written and being put into our historical archives. This gives experiences that can be shared with many of peoples of the Universe.

I am with you, I walk amongst you now trying to give you courage, hope and love. I support the vulnerable and poor and the projects that are focused on the so-called Third World of peoples. A new area is now starting with freedom and prosperity for all. It warms my heart when I see the mercy that is shown the small and vulnerable in society. Also my heart is weeping from all the suffering caused by people in order to gain more power and wealth – A wealth and power that has destroyed their minds and caused them to loose themselves. The little Light they have left is quietly flickering into eternity. It is time for restraint and to take responsibility for one’s actions and indemnify oneself and one’s fellow man and woman.

The suffering on Earth is now healing and it is being replaced with empathy and love. It is time we take responsibility for ourselves and for each other. A helping hand and empathy for others needs is what helps you go forward now. “You are I and I am you”, is good to have with you as the understanding increases when one can picture the others’ needs. This is when you will build up this world together so that all can live on and inhabit it, in a rich and developed fashion. It is with respect and responsibility that you are to share your chores and give back the love that your world so much needs. Your most important task is to find your light, which is also your love and share this with the world, since this is what the world needs today.

I give you of my love as much as I can and hope that it will help all to open their hearts and their love.

It is time now my friends on Earth to take the first steps in the promised land.

I send you all my love,

Simon Petrus






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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