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Simon Petrus via Ann Dahlberg, March 16th, 2018

Simon Petrus

Friday, March 16th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Simon Petrus who has come to speak with you today. The sun shines strongly over your Earth and many adamantine particles are now falling over the Earth. It impacts everything living on Earth today. At that time 2000 years ago Earth had not raised its light as much has she has done now. Yes, of course there is light. Mother Earth has always had a large light within herself. It has now expanded out to the outer regions on Earth and this is where you now find yourselves dear children. This is the reason there is such chaos in the world today. The light pushes out the dark and the dark does not quite know where to go. It does not quite understand what is happening and in some cases the darkness is transformed to light. Many of you people who are on Earth today transform your own darkness to light and it has the effect that it gets ever lighter on Earth. The dark that you transform others can more easily transform as this has already happened and exists in the collective consciousness.

This is why we are so grateful for all who dare to see its own darkness for you become the light that shines in the dark and shows the way for those that have just started to walk. Those that just have woken up and are trying to find their way through the veil, which still holds them within a certain obscurity. Many lights are needed to get a whole humanity to march towards the light. However, there are also many brave brothers and sisters that have light their lights and are letting their sparks fall on newly awakened siblings.

We are all one and we help each other on our path towards the light – The bright dimension that recently has arrived to Earth. Yes, dear brothers and sisters, it has already arrived and it has come to stay. The dark is now fleeing to its dark dens, but they are all the time illuminated so there are soon no places for the dark to hide. This can cause some panic now at the tale end, but the light is not afraid of the dark. It just continues to shine, as it knows its goal. The goal for Gaia is to ascend up into the higher regions of light and there are now large forces that help her with this. Gaia’s free choice and your free choice is holy, as you know. It is your free will dear humanity if you want to come along or not. That choice is also holy. All who wants to come along with Gaia will do so and you will get the help you need. The help is all around you, in your heart and in all that you encounter. Be observant dear children on Earth and try to see and follow the signs that are given to you. They tell you which path it is that you should follow. Follow it and you walk more easily into the light that right now shines on your feet. Cleanse all that has been and try to live in your now. It is the now that counts and has the most importance in your life. It is what you do and think now that is the most important for your progress. Yesterday is forgiven and forgotten. It is your now that form your future. It is your thoughts and actions now that yields your tomorrow. So, be wise dear sisters and brothers. Be careful with your thoughts and actions today – let them be true and loving. Try to have a humble attitude towards your life and your co-creators.

We are with you and help you, so call on us – your guides and your guardian angels and we will with great joy heed your call. There are many who with great eagerness want to help you now.

I am grateful that I could come through and leave this message.

Much love

Simon Petrus



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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